"Business sector has the ability to change the world" said Dr. SotoGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

"Business sector has the ability to change the world" said Dr. Soto

CSR Session / Guatemala
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On the second day of sessions of the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ 2018), William Soto, general director of the event, addressed authorities from the economic and social field of different countries, managers and CEO of international companies, experts in CSR and sustainability, to raise the vision of work in the business sector for sustainable development and peace.

At the opening of the Session Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development, Soto said:

"The business sector has the ability to change the lives of people and the world. This is achieved when its main objective is to serve others, to constantly seek ways to contribute towards the well-being and improvement of all human beings, to have a continuous personal growth in being, in doing, in belonging and having. When this becomes the main objective, the economic profits will come as part of the result."


William Soto Santiago
Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

He specified that corporate social responsibility should be a real commitment and a tool to do business with ethical and transparent principles, as well as to manage responsible production and consumption for the care and preservation of Mother Earth.

Soto said that it is important to promote a leadership adjusted to the reality of the 21st century, where the imperative need for a paradigm shift and potentialization of the values of the human being, through positive leaders that provide security and maintenance of the planet Earth is observed: a positive, transformational, integral leadership.

"The world needs leaders who day by day are focused on finding well-being, progress, peace and happiness of the people, in finding a sense of service; to think with their heart and who are willing to contribute to the generation of more leaders that positively impact the life of the human family, because serving others is the foundation of happiness," he concluded.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit