Brazilians work to ensure a prosperous and save ecological futureGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Brazilians work to ensure a prosperous and save ecological future


The celebration held on June 5th produced gains in several regions of the country

The World Environment Day, according to the UN, has among its objectives to give a human face to the environmental problems; in this sense, the Activists for Peace in Brazil celebrated the 5th of June with actions of recovery and education in favor of Mother Earth.

These voluntary actions were promoted by the International Project of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), “Children of Mother Earth”, which were registered in this and other Latin American countries, United States and Spain, after the convocation made by Dr. William Soto, Executive President of the Institution: “Let us celebrate life with our Mother Earth”.

Brazil is known as the richest country in the world in terms of mega diversity, owner of the largest Amazonian extension (60% of the national territory), great complex and heterogeneous ecosystem that has the most extensive area of tropical forest and the biggest water network of the world (The Amazon River), this region is considered fundamental to the maintenance of global climate balance (Report of the United Nations Environment Programme-UNEP).

However, deforestation has been a latent problem. According to the FAO, Brazil is one of the countries that has reported the greatest lost in forest cover in the world. Nevertheless, according to the Ministry of Environment of the nation, between August 2013, and July 2014, 4,848 km2 were deforested in the Amazon, which means 18% decrease with regard to the previous period.

Aware of the wealth they possess

Considering the current situation and motivated by the country's natural wealth, the Activists for Peace celebrated this day through cleanup day, recovery of green areas, educational activities and cultural presentations about Mother Earth. 

Among the participating regions, there is São Paulo, where the volunteers of the GEAP, attended to the Villa Lobos park, an important green space in the city (732.000 m2 of green area) where they taught about sensitization and awareness of the Environment through educational expositions about water, fauna and sustainable consumption, and in addition promoted the practice of “The three R's” (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Moreover, in San José de los Campos, city of Jacarei, the Activists for Peace were invited by the local Government to a special event for the Environment Day, to share about respect and care of nature, encouraging the commitment to the segregation of the recycling material.

In addition, the GEAP volunteers attended an event in the district of San Francisco Javier, an environmental preservation area 100 km from the city, with the participation of ecological groups; the activists presented the project “Children of Mother Earth”, to establish productive partnerships.

For a green bond 

Aware that youth and children are a bond between present and future generations, for the celebration in Rio de Janeiro the Brazilian activists developed activities with children, secondary school, technical and superior education students, who received the key points for the preservation of the Environment and learned the objectives of the GEAP project.

Simultaneously, the children participated in the “Sustainable Art Workshop”, where they learned the basic concepts for the conservation of Mother Earth and to respect her rights as a living being, through games and activities. Finally, the children's drawings, in 100% recycled sheets, were presented to the other participants of the event.

In Minas Gerais, volunteers from the GEAP in the city of Muriaé, held a day of forestation in a farm, where in addition to planting trees, they transmitted messages about the actions taken for the regeneration of Mother Earth, to children and youth that were present. 

Another voluntary action was done in Ceará on June 4th, which consisted in the visit of the Activists for Peace of Fortaleza city and regions of the State of the Indigenous Community Anacé; occasion where a cultural activity was developed, alluding to the respect of Mother Earth, in which members of the community, activists, and ecological organizations participated.

In the context of this worldwide celebration, an event was also held in Plaza Ferreira of the same entity, in which volunteers of the GEAP participated with the presentation of the project “Children of Mother Earth”.

In Roraima, the group of Activists for Paz of Boa Vista, organized an event in front of the State Legislative Assembly, in which the elaboration of posters for the sensitization and awareness related to the Rights of Mother Earth was highlighted. 

Educate and sow for a culture of green citizenship

In Acre, an activity in the Fenelon Manoel Municipal Primary School was carried out, with the presence of the Secretary of the Environment, Mr. José Alberto, the Secretary of Education, Mr. Eudiran Carneiro and the Segretary of Social Action, Ms. María do Nascimento Oliveira.

In this event, with the presentation of the project “Children of Mother Earthawareness and educational videos were shown, related to the care of the Environment; in addition the cultivation of plants in green areas of the school was supported. In a similar way, ABC School received the GEAP for the development of an environmental pedagogical day and for planting.

These educational actions motivate people to be active agents that give a human face to environmental problems, in order to consolidate a culture of green citizenship and a sustainable development; guaranteeing a sustainable and resilient development. 


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