7,350 students in Guatemala receive environmental training for the care and restoration of Mother Earth Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

7,350 students in Guatemala receive environmental training for the care and restoration of Mother Earth


On World Environment Day, the GEAP developed environmental discussions in 13 educational institutions and reforestation of the Basin of Amatitlan Lake.

As part of the celebration of World Environment Day, held on June 5th every year, the GEAP developed various activities to raise awareness and promote care, protection and regeneration of Mother Earth in Guatemala. Activists and volunteers visited schools in Guatemalan towns, reaching 7,350 students in universities, secondary and primary grades.

Educational lectures were given primarily to promote the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, and at the same time, proposals were socialized from the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which the GEAP promotes, inviting students, principals, teachers and the general public to support this Declaration, with an electronic signature. (See Declaration)

University faculties, institutes of basic education, and the media of the country voluntarily joined in this effort of promotion and socialization of the Declaration.

The Guatemalan State, states in the Law of Environmental Education (Degree 38-2010), which is declared of national emergency and social interest, the promotion, dissemination and promotion of the environmental education (Art. 3).

Another of the central themes promoted by the GEAP, was based on ecological approaches for the care of the environment, such as the practice of the 5R’s, which consists in Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Reject, and Re-educate.  It is worth noting that there was numerous participation of teachers and students studying education, so the duplication of these issues in other classrooms is expected.

13 educational institutions participated in the conference of environmental training, among these, the Faculty of Education at the Pan Americana University, Angigua Guatemala.

As part of the activities, reforestation of the basin of Amatitlan Lake (crater lake) was also carried out in the municipality of Villa Nueva; a 22 acre area that the city has set out to planet more trees, and on this occasion, along with the Activists for Peace and students of the Humanities faculty of the San Carlos University of Guatemala, the objective was achieved.

The GEAP developed these activities throughout the nation and other countries in Latin America, Spain and the United Sates, to commemorate June 5th, as a line of action of the International Program “Children of Mother Earth”, which promotes the formation of a culture of sustainable green citizenship, through different areas, including environmental education for the peace of Mother Earth and Sustainable Development.  (See program)


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