619 units of blood for the health of the population in ChileGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

619 units of blood for the health of the population in Chile


     It is vital for any Chilean community or any community of the World to count with stocked blood banks. By obtaining 619 effective blood units, during the last blood donation marathons in Chile, the social responsibility acquired by the population is evident.

  The amount reached with the blood donations in places like the Metropolitan Region, was of 462 effective units, while the Quinta Region had 37; the Novena Region reached 75, and the Decima Region 45; communities that have been part of an important result that benefits the people that needs this vital liquid.

    It is worth mentioning that, specifically, the team of the GEAP in Chile have worked with health entities and blood banks in Temuco, Puerto Montt, Santiago and Viña del Mar, organizing blood donation marathons to obtain successful results; for which a process of awareness is developed in educational entities and through the media.

  The participation of activists and volunteers is fundamental in this work. The effort of every one of them fulfills a principal roll to harvest a culture of voluntary and regular blood donation in the midst of the Chilean population.