1303 Argentinian solidary marathons stock blood banksGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

1303 Argentinian solidary marathons stock blood banks


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Argentina, under the framework of the 9th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”, carried out 12 blood drives in 8 cities of the country.

During April, awareness talks were given, where 3,110 people participated, from which 1,303 donated the sap of life. These effective units will be distributed in different hospitals of the nation.

biblioteca popular jujuy
Popular Library of Jujuy is the scenario for a blood drive.
Activists for Peace of San Salvador of Jujuy, Mendoza, Misiones, Cordoba, Tres Arroyos, Olavarria and Chaco received the citizens in the campaigns that had the support of governmental authorities and blood banks of Argentina.

San Salvador of Jujuy

In the Popular Library, the Hemotherapy Services from the Hospital Pablo Soria,  held a marathon which received 183 citizens who donated blood voluntarily, resulting in 78 effective safe blood units. In addition, 120 people received information about this altruistic act.

The Health Ministry and the Hemotherapy Regional Center, headquarters of the Health Ministry, carried out a campaign which brought 125 effective donors and more than 140 citizens which received awareness talks.

City of Mendoza

The GEAP in Mendoza participated of a blood donation marathon organized by the Hemotherapy Regional Center, in the Honorable Consejo Deliberante building of the city of Mendoza. The activity started with an awareness campaign where municipal employees and more than 200 citizens participated.

You will become a hero when other people receive your safe blood.
Personalities from the municipality, foundations, blood bank representatives, among other institutions that work with blood, organs and bone marrow donation were present to the event. 

The Hemotherapy Regional Center and the Rotary Club carried out a blood collection in Guaymallen. This event had the presence of municipal and health authorities. The marathon had as result 123 effective units and 10 deferred. In the same way, 300 people received information about blood donation. 


On April 7, World Health Day is celebrated and the 2017 theme was diabetes. The GEAP participated with the Central Blood Bank in a campaign carried out in a health tent installed on the plaza 9 de Julio.

The Public Health Ministry, the Municipality of Posadas, the Education Council and 210 citizens supported the activity who joined to this work. Likewise, 400 people developed physical and recreational activities.

They also offered glucose measurement and blood pressure, and also awareness campaigns directed by the GEAP.

Every person can benefit from an act of love.

The GEAP in Cordoba and the medical staff of the Municipal Hemocenter carried out a blood donation campaign in the headquarters of the Oratorio Obispo Mercadillo. The outcome of this work was 20 effective units, 2 deferred and more than 50 people who received information about the importance of donating blood voluntarily. 


The Hemotherapy Center of the Hospital of Perrando invited volunteers of the GEAP to participate in the collection carried out in the Pediatric Hospital of Resistencia, Chaco. The activity had a result of 55 effective donations and 500 people who received an awareness talk.

The Director of the hospital, Dr. Luis Sapico, thanked the technicians and the GEAP for the campaign carried out in favor of the children of Chaco. 

donante habitual
We are all culture, we work for others.

In the Facultad de Ciencias Superior de la Salud, the team of the Municipal Hemotherapy Hospital Dr. Hector Cura, headed by Laura Cardoso, the Student Center “Dr. Ramón Carrillo” and the GEAP, developed the solidary marathon, where more than 200 people received the invitation to participate in the collection. 

This marathon had the participation of 60 citizens, who assisted voluntarily to donate blood, 40 being effective. 

The importance of voluntary blood donation.
Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires two blood collection were developed with the Pediatric Hospital Garraham. These marathons gave as result 40 effective units of safe blood.

Tres Arroyos

The Director of Tres Arroyos Dona Medula, Guillermo Jaima, carried out 2 marathons of bone marrow organized by The Rotaract Club, the Municipal Health Center and the Agrupación Scout Tomas Coloma

With the purpose of reducing the waiting list and increase the donations, during the days 27 and 28 the activity was developed in the installations of Scout Tomas Coloma.

The marathon was headed by the chief of service, Alexis Pogorzelsky; the technical supervisor of the Ignacio Pirovano Hospital; Lucia Palma and the technicians Jorgelina Lantero and Mariana Mazzitelli. A total of 36 donors (blood and bone marrow) approached voluntarily to collaborate with the cause.

Guillermo Jaime during his presentation expressed:

“It is good to join forces when the goal is to create a culture of blood donation, and work with people who obtain successful results”.