Luis "El Cholo" Bernal | Inaugural Gala, CUMIPAZ 2017
Grupo Folklórico

Luis "El Cholo" Bernal | Inaugural Gala, CUMIPAZ 2017

Good evening, distinguished ladies and gentlemen present in the National Assembly, the truth is that for us as an institution it is a real honor to be able to introduce to you, especially to our brothers who visit us, some of our dances that are part of our folklore, whether they are dances, regional dances, accompanied by "La pollera" which is our national costume and instruments such as the accordion, the drums, the box, the churuca and la mejoranera. This instrument was also declared an instrument of national identity by this National Assembly, since it is made by our artisans. It is called "Mejonera", it is also called "mejorana".

"The Peace Integration Summit, in benefit of its beautiful inaugural gala in this institution, the Assembly with their vision, opens its to them and clearly tells them, with warm affection, and welcomes them to your house, called Panama.

This third edition, which has Panama as a destination for peace and progress in the region, brings great guests with talent and efforts in their diverse contribution to this fertile land, Panama "Bridge of the world", "Heart of the universe".

The Summit will speak for days on topics of integral peace, universal justice, culture and ecology, development, economy and more issues will bring us. The Summit that will gather some twenty-one countries, those who receive and bless our beautiful Panama; with their Embassy of brothers bring their symphony orchestra for peace and integrate Venezuelan musicians, Mexicans, Colombians, and also Puerto Ricans, Bolivians, Brazilians, united in a race in this assembly, the home of the great Panamanian people. That being the case, this institution has a folkloric ensemble that is full of art of country and tradition, with dances from the region and dances congós equal, the traditional cumbia, dance, crossed, the point with you the whole of the National Assembly. "

[Traditional Panamanian singing-dance presentation by the orchestra of Luis "El Cholo" Bernal]


Thanks to the Folklore Group of the Culture Directorate of the National Assembly for this extraordinary popular display of national identity, the influence of music on human beings is becoming increasingly evident. This moment we will know a little more, because music can transform situations and conditions in humanity.



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