Gabriela Lara | Installation Act - Educational Session, CUMIPAZ 2017

Gabriela Lara | Installation Act - Educational Session, CUMIPAZ 2017

Very good morning. First, honorable guests of the main table: Mrs. Marcela Paredes, Minister of Education of the Republic of Panama; Dr. Hermelinda, secretary of the Alliance of Universities for Peace; to all the public present, to the ministers, to the deputy ministers who accompany us from other countries, students, thank you very much for your presence and for opening a space to participate in this Peace Integration Summit.

On behalf of Dr. William Soto Santiago, president of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace and founder of the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP), once again a warm welcome to each one of you.

This week we started with the Science Session, the Corporate Social Responsibility Session, we also had the Diplomatic and Parliamentary Session and today we are called by the Education Session for the integral peace of the human being.

What is the purpose of this session? Promote integral education, internationalize the integral education of the human being, based on principles, values, respect, above all in the promotion of human rights and the rights of Mother Earth, through inter-institutional alliances that allow us to build a culture of peace in society and at a worldwide level.

We believe that the right to integral education is fundamental, it is a very important premise, because it not only promotes intellectual development or social development; Integral education actually seek to go further: to form more humane beings, integral and happy people. From the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace we believe that comprehensive education should be of interest to all governments and be a priority in the National Development Plan.

On the other hand, in order to truly realize a comprehensive education it is essential to have the support of all the actors involved in the educational process: the individual, families, teachers, educational entities, government and leaders of society. That is why this space is very important, where all the leaders and all these actors of education can interact.

I want to leave the words of Dr. William Soto Santiago, who for reasons of health could not be present, but will be the person who will officially start the Education for Peace Session within the Peace Integration Summit