Agenda Educational Session – ALIUP

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Congress of the Republic of Paraguay


07:30 hrs a 08:00 hrs

Registration/Artistic Moment

Opening Ceremony

08:00 hrs a 09:00 hrs

Welcoming Words

  • Gabriela Lara – General Director of the GEAP

Remarks from

  • Dr. Dionisio Ortega – Rector of the Nihon Gakko University


  • Dr. HermelindaAlvarenga de Ortega – Secretary Pro Tempore of ALIUP.


  • Dr. Lasdislaa Alcaraz de Silvero – Minister Executive Secretary of Linguistic Policies of the Presidency of the Republic. Paraguay

Keynote Speech:“Quality, integral, and comprehensive education: a right for the peace and happiness of the human being”.

  • Dr. William Soto Santiago – Executive President of the GEAP
09:00 hrs a 09:15 hrs


"Principles and universal values in the training process within the educational system"Moderator: Dr. Nancy Oilda Benitez - Former Director of Curriculum MEC

09:15 hrs a 10:35 hrs

“Educational Policies based on values”

  • Dr. Freddy Peñafiel – Vice Minister of Education of Ecuador.

“Intercultural Educational Model”

  • Héctor Alejandro Canto Mejía – Technical Vice Minister of Education. Guatemala

“Promotion of environmental values for a harmonious coexistence of the human being with Mother Earth”.

  • Senator Ciro Felipe Zabala Canedo – Commissioner of Social Policy, Education, and Health. Multinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia.

“Pedagogical focus that promotes social inclusion”

  • Marlon Escoto Valerio – Minister of Public Education. Honduras

“The role of the universities in the promotion of peace before the challenges of the 21st century”Moderator :María Gloria Abarca. Doctor in international studies of peace, development, and conflict. Mexico. Chamber: Comuneros (Color: Blue)

10:35 hs a 12:30 hs

“Universities committed in the sustainability of the environment and the protection of the rights of Mother Earth”.

  • Dr. Mynor René Cordón y Cordón – Coordinator of the Central American system of University - Society Relationship (SICAUS) General Secretary of the Central American Higher University Council. President of the Regional University of Guatemala. (UR) Guatemala

“The Education of values in the struggle against terrorism and international conflicts in the defense and promotion of human rights”.

  • Dra. Syndia A. Nazario – Director in the Maryland Campus - Ana G Méndez University System. United States

• “The challenges of accessible education for vulnerable groups”.

  • Dra. Danysabel Caballero – Dean of Specialized Student Life in the University of the Americas - UDELAS, Panama.

“The role of public universities in the construction of peace and Human Rights.”

  • EgeniaPareja Tejada – Dean of the Humanities and Science Education Faculty

Peace as a transverse axis issue in university management"Moderator: Said Bahajin. President of the Association Creators Without Borders. Moroccos.

10:35 hs a 12:30 hs

“La contribución de la extensión universitaria en el abordaje de los desafíos sociales”

  • Ing. Hidelgardo González – Presidente del Consejo Nacional de Educación Superior (CONES). Paraguay

"Education on Human Rights as the formation of values in a Superior Education ".

  • Prof. Santiago J. Castellà Surribas – Professor of Public International Law and International Relations. Director of the professorship Tarragona Smart Mediterranean City, of the Universitat RoviraiVirgili. Tarragona, Spain.

“The contribution of university extension in addressing social challenges”.

  • Dr. Antonio Kiernyezny – Dean of the Humanities Faculty. National University of Itapoa (UNI). Paraguay.

• “Solidary Internationalization of superior education in the pursuit of improving educational quality”.

  • Vielka Jaramillo de Escobar – Executive Secretary and representative of the Board of Directors of the National Commission for Accreditation and Evaluation University of Panama (CONAEUPA).

“Research and innovation as strategic tools for the development of a peaceful society”.

  • Dr. Sergio Duarte Masi – Consultant of Science, Tecnology and Innovation at CONACYT. General coordinador of the PROCIENCIA program. Coordinadorof ComponetIII: Investigator System of Paraguay..

The Transforming Power of Education"”Moderadora: Dra. Hermelinda Alvarenga de Ortega – Secretary Pro Tempore, ALIUP. Paraguay.

10:35 hs a 12:30 hs

“Student leadership as a transformer of social reality”.

  • Felisa Liss – Lecturer and consultant for the International Leadership Institute and the Ministry of Education of Israel.

“The necessity of constructing an organizational culture to make the transformaing power of higher education viable.”

  • Dr. Rafael Ramirez-Rivera – Rector of the Arecibo Campus (UPR). Puerto Rico

“The happiness of the integral human being as the ultimate goal of state policy”.

  • Deputy Gerardo Amarrilla – Pres. Chamber of Deputies of Uruguay.

“Inclusive education in college before the requirements of the XXI century”.

  • Dr. Ignacio Hernaiz – Director of the Ibero-American Institute of Human Rights Education for MERCOSUR, OEI. Uruguay.


12:30 hrs a 14:00 hrs



14:00 hrs a 14:40 hrs

“Immigration as a challenge in higher education.

  • Dr. Howard Morrison – Judge of the International Crimnial Court. United Kingdom


14:40 hrs a 16:00 hrs

Plenary Socialization of the conclusions of the Work Tables

Closing Remarks

  • Mrs. Gabriela Lara – General Director of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP)

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