National Assembly of Panama - Justo Arosemana Palace



The National Assembly of Panama – Justo Arosemena Palace


On Tuesday August 6, 2013, William Soto Santiago spoke before the General Assembly of Panama, presenting his law proposal to include “The Holocaust as the Paradigm of Genocide” into the school system of the country, and urging authorities to promote and create laws in defense of human rights that guarantee the right to life and prohibit any form of discrimination. 

Dr. William Soto Santiago, Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of the Activists for Peace

“Genocide is neither inevitable nor accidental; it has been recognized as one of the gravest crimes against humanity, and one of the gravest threats to human rights.

The Holocaust is the paradigm par excellence of the genocidal act. As such, and in compliance with the guidelines established by the United Nations, the Holocaust should be studied in schools, public and private colleges, and as a case study in universities.

In order to prevent the recurrence of crimes against humanity, we must promote, in different educational centers, an education with values, focused on respect for the dignity of the human being, so that students learn the value of the defense of human rights and become aware of the importance of building paths for the peace of the human family, and measure the consequences of wars and any other discriminatory and belligerent behavior.”

In reference to this, the President of the Assembly, Sergio Rafael Gálvez Evers, said that the doors of the National Assembly are open to the initiative Traces to Remember, because any effort is insufficient to contribute to a culture of tolerance and a society that eliminates all forms of discrimination.

Honorable Sergio Galvez, President of the National Assembly of Panama

“The National Assembly, on behalf of the Panamanian people, serves as a forum for all the voices that promote the peace and wellbeing of Panamanians, and of all people of good will.  

Today that choir is joined by the voice of Dr. William Soto Santiago, and the initiative of the Activists for Peace known as Traces to Remember.

On this occasion, we enthusiastically open the doors of this Assembly to the Traces to Remember initiative, because any effort we can make would be insufficient to contribute to a culture of tolerance and a society that eliminates all forms of discrimination.”

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"The next item, Mr. Secretary?"

“The signing of the Commemorative Act of the itinerant project Traces to Remember. 



Esteemed viewers listening through the parliamentary television channel; we’re approaching the moment in which we will see Dr. William Soto Santiago deliver the project Traces to Remember.

Dr. William Soto Santiago is the Global Ambassador of the Activists for Peace.  He is participating in this commemorative act, and we also see Mr. Simon Burstein and Jaime Segal, both are Holocaust survivors.

Now, the signing of this project Traces to Remember, which is a project promoted by the Embassy of Activists for Peace, it is the initiative of its Global Ambassador, Dr. William Soto, and its purpose is to keep alive the testimony of Holocaust survivors.

The project consists of the exhibition of a plaque in the shape of the Star of David, which contains the handprints of a Holocaust survivor, the survivor’s son, grandchild, and great-grandchild, as evidence that Nazism could not extinguish the Jewish people.

After signing the introductory proceedings of the initiative, Sergio Galvez, President of the National Assembly, unveiled the commemorative plaque with Dr. William Soto in honor of Holocaust survivors Simon Burstein and Jaime Segal, who were present at the event. The plaque will be displayed for one month at the Legislative Assembly of Panama.