Education In The Twenty First Century For The Peace Of The Integral Human Being And The Nations


Peace is more than a desire for humanity: it is a necessity.

Throughout history, man has constantly resorted to violence and war as a mechanism to resolve conflicts, reaching horrible extremes such as the Holocaust during World War II, or the more recent genocides of Bosnia and Rwanda.

There have been wars due to territorial disputes, and religious, economic, political and racial reasons, many of which we have witnessed in the 21st century.

This makes it seem as though humanity has no memory, or that it doesn’t learn from its mistakes.

The question is: Can peace be achieved? At the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, we believe so.

And this project was created to help achieve it, which the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace makes available to you with the support of an interdisciplinary group of volunteers.  


What is the project and its purpose?

Dr. William Soto Santiago is the creator of the project “Education in the 21st Century for the Peace of the Integral Human Being and the Nations.” The project is based on his knowledge of the human being as a threefold being which must keep his soul, body and spirit balanced.

With this inner harmony, we seek to achieve the peace of the individual, which he will then convey to his family and the people around him.

The multiplication of individuals in peace should lead to the peace of the nation they belong to, and from there extend to the world.


What is the method?

The project is divided into educational modules and phases depending on the age of the participant. The modules contain specific themes, for example, in the “Values” module you will find the theme of Respect. This theme is subdivided into age ranges for example:

            Age group 1: From the time the baby is in the mother’s womb to 7 years old.

            Age group 2: From ages 7 to 14 years old.

            Age group 3: From ages 14 to 21 years old, and so on.

Each age group has different activities, and you decide how much time you want to dedicate. 


Who can participate?

Anyone who wishes to receive an education of peace for themselves or for their family.


How can I participate?

This project makes it possible for you to achieve personal development in peace related topics by using the internet.

You must register as a student regardless of your age, and answer a basic information questionnaire to access the educational modules that interest you.

We suggest that parents and children enroll and study together to share the contents of every educational module as a tool to strengthen communication in the family.

As you complete educational modules, you will earn credits in your history, and once you have completed all the educational modules you will receive a certificate from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.


Is there a cost to participate?

This educational program is free, but if you would like to support us as we continue developing more educational modules, we appreciate your donation.

If you have additional questions or you wish to pre-register contact us at:


Now, we welcome you to the project: “Education in the 21st Century for the Peace of the Integral Human Being and the Nations.”