Congress of Chile joins the campaign "Traces to Remember"


Valparaiso, Chile

National Congress of the Republic of Chile


On Thursday, April 11, 2013 Chile joined the project Traces to Remember, unveiling the Feuerstein family plaque to a full audience during a solemn session in the Hall of Honor of the National Congress of Chile in Valparaiso.

Those who attended the ceremony include former President of the Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Nicholas Monckeberg; Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, Dr. William Soto; Second Secretary of the Embassy of Israel, Ron Brummer; and the honoree, Holocaust survivor David Feuerstein.


David Feuerstein, Holocaust Survivor – National Congress of Chile.

“Everything we do is for the memory of the six million innocent people, ‘because they were born Jews’. What fault did my 6 year old little brother have? Another 8 year old brother, 10 year old sister, 42 year old mother, and 45 year old father? When Gestapo took me, they ran behind me, "Son, we love you”, but I had no luck. I did not see them anymore. At 16 years old, I lost my entire family.”


Ron Brummer, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Israel

"As an Israeli diplomat, it is a true honor to be present on this special occasion which resonates with one of the milestones of the national identity of my country, Israel: remembering the victims of the Holocaust and showing respect to the survivors."


Deputy Nicholas Monckeberg, former President of the Chamber of Deputies

"I praise the idea of the Embassy of Activists for Peace, through the magnificent idea of Traces to Remember. This project reminds us, once again, of the fundamental and perpetual value that social peace should have for everyone. To achieve these noble objectives, today we attend this Trace, which will be forever engraved in the heart of our legislative seat."  


Dr. William Soto Santiago, Creator of Traces to Remember

"What we observe with concern at the Embassy of Activists for Peace, is that young generations are almost completely unaware of everything that is now known as the Holocaust, while the voices that deny the Holocaust are multiplying, like that of the current president of Iran.  All this gave rise to the certainty as to the urgent and global need not only to make laws but to support projects that generate the defense of human rights and respect of differences, whether political, religious or of any other nature.   

• • •

David Feuerstein was born in Poland in 1925. In 1942 he and his family were confined to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. His parents and the rest of his siblings were killed in a gas chamber. In 1952 he arrived in Chile, where he is currently the President of The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority for Yad Vashem in Chile.

• • •

"Let us proceed to the signing of the procedural act of delivery.

A round of applause from all of us in appreciation for this gesture."

[Unveiling of the plaque]


When the plaque was revealed, Feuerstein thanked the project creator and made the commitment to continue his work in defense of human rights.

The commemorative plaque was exhibited in the Congress of Chile for one month.