Young people commit to creating spaces for peace: Forum "The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide"Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Young people commit to creating spaces for peace: Forum "The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide"

The students of the educational institution Antonia Santos, Elías Quintero, Yumbo-Valle, attended the Forum "The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide" organized by the Global Embassy of Peace Activists (GEAP), under the Program Educating to Remember.
The GEAP in Colombia carries out these forums with the objective of strengthening, through integral education, the teaching of ethical, moral and spiritual principles and values, based on the study of the history of the Holocaust and other genocides.
More than 60 students (9th and 10th grade) showed through an audiovisual material about the Holocaust, presented in the photo gallery that installed the GEAP in the house of studies, learned in the class of Social Sciences.


Universal Teachings

The GEAP regional coordinator, Robin Lucumy, chronologically showed the ideas and xenophobic actions practiced by Adolf Hitler during World War II.
This event was the systematic persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, who also left other homeless people suffering psychologically and emotionally.
The Forum allowed students to express their views on what happened during the Holocaust; they stated that the situations generated were the result of the intolerance and hatred that existed on the part of the German authorities.
They also stressed the importance of these teachings because they give human beings the opportunity to work actively for the peace of the human family.

Spaces for Peace

As part of the conclusions, the young people made a commitment to create harmonic spaces from their school, as well as to assert their rights and those of their peers when they are violated.
The Holocaust was not a crime against the Jewish people, but against the human family, for that reason it is required to be included as a chair in the educational curriculum of all nations.
It is also necessary that the educational system inculcate in students the principles and universal values ​​so that acts such as these are not to be committed again.


access_time Thursday, August 18, 2016