The volunteers of the GEAP invite the solidary Argentinians to donate bloodGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The volunteers of the GEAP invite the solidary Argentinians to donate blood


In various blood drive marathons altruist people were sought out

Hospitals, hemo-therapy centers and public areas of four Argentinian cities, were the scenery to encourage the people to join the blood drives of the Seventh International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”, of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), through voluntary and responsible blood donation.

The World Health Organization estimates that the general availability of blood for transfusions in a country requires a minimum of 10 blood drives for every 1,000 habitants. However, in most recent studies on security and blood availability developed by the WHO, 75 countries notified that they obtain less donations than that minimum. The WHO advocates for increasing the number of donors in order to save millions of lives.

The GEAP, within the framework of the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood” and within their second component: the national and international blood drive marathons, continue working towards increasing the numbers which have grown every year since the program was implanted.

In this sense, 137 Argentinian blood donors were added to the thousands of donors from past marathons.

Solidary recollection in four Argentinian countries

The voluntary donation has become a bond so that people from different countries can sympathetically come together with the purpose of promoting love for life. As it was carried out in the following four Argentinian cities, hand in hand with the local blood banks:

In the city of Mendoza, a blood drive was carried out on May 4th, along with the Regional Hemo-therapy Center of the province.

In Misiones, on the 16th, awareness lectures blood drives were carried out along with the Blood Center.

In Olavarría, on the 27th, the GEAP and the Hemo-therapy group of the Municipal Hospital Dr. Hector Cura, Dr. Laura Cardozo and the students of the “Dr. Ramon Carrillo” center, held, for the third time this year, a blood drive marathon in the installations of the Health Science High School belonging to UNICEN.

The Hospital Julio C Perrando held a blood drive in Resistencia on the last day of May.



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