Voluntary blood donation is the goal in Northeastern United StatesGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Voluntary blood donation is the goal in Northeastern United States

United States

In order to promote the culture of voluntary blood donation, the Activists for Peace in the Northeast of the United States of America celebrated World Blood Donor Day with awareness days, blood collections and tributes to volunteer donors, in activities that were held during June 14, 15 and 16.

Volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) from the states of Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Florida, Illinois and Georgia, held blood drivess in the cities of Lynn, Hempstead, Westminster, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta respectively.

The promotion of these events was carried out by means of person-to-person invitations, in shopping malls, radio spots and billboards on the main streets of the city.

Emap en consuladoThursday, June 14

To commemorate World Blood Donor Day, two drives were held in the city of Lynn, Massachusetts, where 122 people were sensitized and 78 units of blood were obtained that will supply health centers in the region.

During the morning, there were sensitization days for voluntary blood donation at the General Consulate of Mexico, in Atlanta, Georgia, with the participation of 102 people.


In the afternoon the activity took place at the facilities of the American Red Cross, in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Integral Program Life is in the Blood was presented, to the consuls of Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia and members of the administration of the American Red Cross.

In this event, an emphasis was placed on the importance of increasing voluntary blood donations in minority communities in the United States and, therefore, the increase of effective units in the Hispanic community.

Friday, June 15

Continuing with the celebration, on Friday, June 15, a blood drive was held at the Mexican consulate in Atlanta, Georgia, where 24 blood units were collected and awareness sessions were held for 163 people.

activistas en miamiSaturday, June 16

On Saturday, June 16, two blood drives were held in Miami, Florida, in which 24 units of blood were collected, and in Chicago, Illinois, with 28 blood units achieved. In New York, 11 effective units were collected thanks to the promotion carried out by the GEAP.

The culmination of the celebration took place in the city of Westminster, Maryland, in the church Fuente de Vida Eterna, with a gratitude event and the recognition of 22 regular donors.


The closing was in charge of national coordinator, Joel Ortiz, who thanked all the donors for their contribution in the formation of a culture of voluntary, altruistic and regular donation of safe blood.