Universidad Católica in Encarnación, Paraguay hosts various government representatives for the University Forum: "The Holocaust: Paradigm of Genocide"Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Universidad Católica in Encarnación, Paraguay hosts various government representatives for the University Forum: "The Holocaust: Paradigm of Genocide"


June 6, 2014


With the presence of the mayor of the city, Universidad Catolica officials, congressmen of the nation, representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, the Judiciary Branch, students and the general public, the first "Educating to Remember - The Holocaust: Paradigm of Genocide" university forum was held at the University’s Itapua Campus in Encarnacion, Paraguay.

Mario Zaputovich, University Dean, opened the event stating: "The subject of the Holocaust as the paradigm of genocide is of significant importance, considering the fact that our country, Paraguay, had its own Holocaust, and that in today's world several countries are living in situations of genocide. I share the opinion that remembrance should be promoted among youth, university students, turning back to the memories of these significant events that occurred. This is where we must plant this seed as a reminder and with the objective of preventing it from happening again in the future."

Attorney William Paras, Coordinator of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace in Paraguay, expressed: "The university forum ‘Educating to Remember’ is a project that our organization has undertaken in defense of human rights and peace. It has been carried out successfully in several universities in cities worldwide. The purpose is to create reflection about the Holocaust being the paradigm of genocide due to the degree of perversion that caused the death of 6 million Jews and more than 20 million people during World War II. For this reason, we would like to propose to you that together we take action and promote through a law of Congress, the approval of the teaching of the Holocaust as a case study in schools, colleges, and universities

The screening of a documentary about the Holocaust moved the audience due to the content of some of the images and the testimonies of Holocaust survivors.

The Mayor of Encarnacion, Joel Maidana, emphasized: "After seeing these images again of what the Holocaust was, I congratulate the initiative of the representatives of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, recalling the slogan "Educating to Remember". It is clear that the work undertaken by the Embassy commits us. And I think it's the best way to raise awareness about what the lack of tolerance, the lack of responsibility towards humanity, often creates.

We surely have to join forces so that this message will reach all citizens. We must not be indifferent to the experiences that other nationalities and other cultures have lived, such as the case of the Jews; we too have a large Ukrainian community, the memory of the Holodomor and the hunger they suffered where millions perished.

I welcome this meeting and I acknowledge your initiative and commitment to humanity, and your fight for the respect of freedom of thought, freedom of expression, respect for human beings, and respect for human dignity.

I join the effort you make; and if we can support and assist the work you are doing from the Municipality of Encarnación, then you can count on us. And my congratulations to everyone who took time out of their lives to come to live this experience suffered by other nationalities."

Meanwhile, Deputy Walter E. Harms, said: "When we speak of genocide, particularly the Holocaust, I believe that all humanity must declare mea culpa for their actions in the past and in the present."

Dr. Luis A. Villanueva, Academic Director of the Law School and History Professor, spoke of "The Background and Historical Causes of the Holocaust." And Attorney Juan Gabriel Sánchez presented the topic "Genocide, a Crime against Humanity."

The Forum ended with the presentation of a Photographic Tour depicting striking photographic images of the experiences suffered by Holocaust victims.


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