PAHO and GEAP: for an alliance to achieve 100% of the voluntary blood donationGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

PAHO and GEAP: for an alliance to achieve 100% of the voluntary blood donation


With the purpose of formalizing an alliance of cooperation to reach that 100% of the blood donors be voluntary and regular, the Global embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) sustained a reunion with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in the Colombian Republic.

The encounter was carried out with the presence of the specialists Gina Watson, representative of the PAHO in the country and Sonia Rebollo from behalf of the Health Secretary of Bogota, with Ivan Sarmiento, coordinator of the GEAP in Colombia

The space for dialogue permitted the presentation of projects and initiatives that both institutions carry out to foment to the voluntary blood donations with a view to the integration and institutional synergy to expand and enhance work.

Dialogs for an altruist culture

Sarmiento presented a summary of the work the GEAP develops through the International Blood Drive Marathons and Journeys likewise, of the Communicational Educative Program for the creation of a culture of voluntary, altruist and regular safe blood donation; lines of action of the Integral Program: “Life is in the Blood”. (See program)

The representative of the PAHO in Colombia, indicated that the organization will consult the framework with their counterparts of Venezuela and United States, who have talked about establishing alliances of cooperation, with the purpose of strengthening the work to achieve the maximum of the voluntary donation in the Colombian State. 

On the other hand, Watson spoke of the importance of health as an answer in the post conflict of Colombia; she said that it was convenient that there is an integration between the two governments and public and private institutions for an effective work for health.

In this framework the Age-friendly Environments Programme said about the PAHO/WHO that they work to generate healthy areas and environments to improve the quality of life of the people and relates it to the program “Life is in the Blood”.

Unión por la vida: resultados

Sonia Rebollo mentioned that the Health secretary of Bogota has seven years working with the GEAP and the Blood Banks Network of the district said that the institution he represents has given trainings to Activists.

In the same way, it was highlighted that it has been registered an increase in voluntary donations thanks to the work with the same purpose: to save and preserve human life.

In the 6th International marathon “Life is in the Blood”, the GEAP worked in coordination with the blood banks of different cities for the promotion and the development of the marathons registering a total of 44882 voluntary Colombian donors