The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace presents their projects to the Congress of ParaguayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace presents their projects to the Congress of Paraguay


At the Honorable Congress of the Republic of Paraguay, on Wednesday, March 11, two projects of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace were officially presented before the Chamber of Senators and Representatives: “The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide – Educating to Remember” and the “Act to promote the culture of voluntary, altruistic, regular and safe blood donation”.

And a culture of voluntary, altruistic, regular and safe blood donation was what Senator Blas Antonio Llano, President of the Congress, considered as one of the most important necessities of his country. He stated:

“The issue of blood donation, as it is a component in the life and health of people, is not restricted purely to clinical and technological fields, but it also reaches the ethical field. But I know that you have the interest, the will and purpose of discussing these issues, in order to bring the plenary of the parliamentary bodies, the Senate, House of Representatives, the treatment of a bill that fits the complexity of the issue. The dedication of our Human Rights Commission, the presence of you who have joined us and the iconic endorsement that the Ambassador of Activists for Peace, Mr. William Soto, brings with his participation will give effect to the intimate desire that I hold.” (Read complete speech)

The First Vice President of the House of Representatives, Congressman Amado Florentin, stressed the importance of a law with the purpose of educating and raising awareness of human rights protection.

“It truly touches, and based strongly on the memory of the people, in a bill to be submitted and will be analyzed in Congress: ‘Educating to Remember’; which regards consciousness, awareness especially in younger people about the atrocities that occurred in the past, and that no well human being would like for this to happen again in the future.” (Read complete speech)

The President of the Commission on Human Rights of the Senate and the organizer of the event, Senator Blanca Fonseca, announced that ever since she became president, significant contributions have been made to strengthen peace, approval of laws that aim to defend the dignity of human beings. During her presentation she highlighted:

“The purpose of this Commission has always been to maintain the fight for unlimited human rights, supporting bills and attending individual allegations which citizens bring to us. The Commission has worked intensely to promote and carry out the bills linked to the recommendations of the United Nations Committees.” (Read complete speech)

Representative Olga Ferreira de Lopez, President of the Human Rights Commission of the House of Representatives, expressed her support towards any act which presents initiatives contributing to building a culture of peace in her country. She stated:

“Paraguay, ladies and gentlemen, should seek peace through the convergence of these projects and interests, to transform into a fair society, where the State of Peace, and the complete respect for Human Rights, constitute the determining elements for the actions of public authorities.” (Read complete speech)

Dr. William Soto, CEO of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), reflected on the responsibilities that governmental authorities and politics have to enact laws that benefit the people they lead. As part of his final conclusions, he stated:

“Honorable congressmen: You have the great responsibility of the present and future of a nation in your hands, since your decisions affect the wellbeing of the community; and the laws you approve, trace the path for a whole nation searching for that much desired happiness.

As Ambassador and CEO of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, I make all of the projects of the Institution, Honorable Congressmen, available to you, which have been created with the objective of contributing to the peace and happiness of the human family.” (Read complete speech)

“Educating to Remember” and “Life is in the Blood”

General Director of the GEAP, Gabriela Lara, during her official exposition of the projects, expressed that “education with values is one of the key instruments to avoid the repetition of a new genocide. Just as Dr. Soto mentioned: “We can educate for peace or for war.”

“This educational project on the teaching of the Holocaust as paradigm of genocide, and as a tool to prevent any type of discrimination, recognizes the multiethnic, cultural and religious character of the nations, and the autonomy of the people, just as the diversity of their social network.”

“Educating to Remember – The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide”, is based on the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), which states that “education is the starting point for the construction of peace and the promotion of the principles of dignity, equality, liberty and mutual respect among every member of the human family.” (Read complete speech)

The bill on blood donation aims to declare public order and national interest to promote a culture of voluntary, altruistic and habitual safe blood donation, specifically, through constant and massive promotion of awareness programs dedicated to this culture, as well as the establishment of a nonprofit survey system so that voluntary donors can regularly contribute to supply blood banks.

The projects of Dr. William Soto have been executed with the purpose of contributing to the formation and consolidation of the integral peace of mankind.




access_time Wednesday, March 11, 2015