The GEAP presents their project for the defense and guarantee of the rights of Mother Earth as a living being before the Latin American Parliamentary.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP presents their project for the defense and guarantee of the rights of Mother Earth as a living being before the Latin American Parliamentary.

At the permanent headquarters of the Latin American Parliament, the Workshop of Legislative Contributions of Latin America and the Caribbean on the Issue of Climate Change, before heading to COP 21 in Paris.

The event organized by the PARLATINO and the United Nations Environmental Program - UNEP – was held in Panama City on July 30 and 31, 2015, location where the Environmental and Tourism Commission of the Latin American Parliament and parliamentarians of the Andean Parliament, proposed and debated on the subject of climate change, with the objective of creating a document of joint declaration where the Latin American community, represented in them, manifests their will in favor of a “transformation and change in the political, ethical, economic, environmental, social and humanly sustainable model”.

On their part, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, presented before the parliamentarians their project for the defense and guarantee of the rights of Mother Earth as a living being, in their concern in sowing in leading international organizations, their proposal for an ethical culture of transformation from the mind and heart of the human being and of the institutions, which allows the adaptation of urgent, firm and necessary measures for the protection and care of the environment.


In his intervention, Dr. William Soto Santiago, as Executive President of the GEAP, spoke of his concern regarding the free work and support of the citizens of the world, focusing on the care of the environment and the immediate detention of any form of human intervention that attempts against the sustainability of Mother Earth, understanding that we are an integral part of her as a living being and has the right to be protected.

With these worlds, he marked what can be categorized as a call to make imperative actions in favor of our Mother Earth, where the parliamentarians present have plenty to contribute:

“We propose before the Latin American Parliament the creation of an International Court for the Rights of Mother Earth, which has the competency to know, judge and punish the crime of ecocide and other environmental crimes in our region through the creation of an American Court specialized in environmental crime, among them, ecocide…”

In the encounter, they also gave participation to the indigenous leaders, who emphasized that education is the main tool for the solution of awareness on the importance of caring for the environment we live in and to consider that the best way to do so is to set our sights on the ancestral knowledge and on the need to establish food security, without losing the individual sovereignty of each nation.

Aware of the effects of climate change, they declared the commitment to improve the legal framework, as well as the institutional structure in each country, which allows the realization of actions against the causes of damage, at the same time to promote initiatives for those who preserve it.

The success of the cooperation between the Latin American Parliament and the Andean Parliament, was the creation of a joint declaration on climate change, where the will and commitment of the two organizations are registered to adopt the necessary measures to achieve an ethic of good living, rooted in principle, preventing the continuation of environmental disasters that have occurred as consequence of the activities done by man; the strengthening of existing mechanisms for the protection and care of the environment and the “promotion and participation of youths to carry our actions against the effects of climate change”.


access_time Thursday, July 30, 2015