The GEAP in Dominican Republic recognizes the labor of anonymous heroesGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP in Dominican Republic recognizes the labor of anonymous heroes

Dominican Republic

World Blood Donor Day

On June 17, the volunteers of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace GEAP in Dominican Republic, gathered with authorities and members of the civil society in the municipal park of San Cristobal, with the purpose of celebrating the World Blood Donor Day.

This campaign which recognized the work of the anonymous heroes and had an assistance of 320 people, was promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and supported by the GEAP through their Integral Program: Life is in the Blood.

Yumilda Irrizarri was at the event in representation of the direction of the Juan Pablo Pina Hospital; Martha Arias was also present, manager of the blood bank; and Ramonita Dominguez, manager of the Gestión de Riesgo de la Regional de Educación de San Cristóbal.

Solidary culture

Yelsin Gil, local coordinator of the Integral Program: Life is in the Blood, made known that through the Communicational Educative Program for the formation of a voluntary, altruist and regular safe blood donation culture (PEC-VIDA), the GEAP seeks to increase the active and efficient participation of the citizens.

In the same way, Gil highlighted the support of the Education and Health Ministry to achieve the implementation of this culture in favor of the human beings through this strategic component.

Altruist work

Yumilda Irrizarri and Ramonita Dominguez, representatives of the health center thank the GEAP for the development of the event. To end their presentation, they handed in certificates to a group of voluntary blood donors.

The anonymous heroes who received this recognition, have been expressing their love for others, and have stocked the blood bank of the Juan Pablo Pina Hospital of this vital liquid since 2015.

As part of the agenda, the activists for peace presented artistic pieces, face painting to adults, youth, and children, and other activities allusive to this celebration.


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