In Costa Rica the celebration for World Blood Donor Day is guaranteed by giving life in an act of love towards the populationGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

In Costa Rica the celebration for World Blood Donor Day is guaranteed by giving life in an act of love towards the population

Costa Rica

Allusive to the World Blood Donor Day, decreed on June 14 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the altruist feeling was present in different nations, among them, Costa Rica, who in a responsible way celebrated this international day carrying out a blood donation marathon accompanied before by an arduous awareness campaign about these theme necessary to save lives.

In the community of Zapote, it was developed the campaign where the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) under the initiative of the Global Ambassador, Dr. William Soto, and the participation of Volunteers for Peace, with the institutional support of members of the National Blood Bank and the assistance of voluntary donors from different parts of San José and the province of Cartago, was completed for a blood donation marathon, through a promotional awareness work, carried out on Thursday, June 11.

They worked in different ways, it consisted in the visitation and distribution of flyers about the theme of donating life, expanding the visit to schools, kindergartens and communities nearby such as the neighborhood of San Jose, EL Bosque, La Gloria, on the street San Francisco, Curridabat and Price Mart.

On the day of the celebration, the Activists for Peace went on the streets with music, costumes, banners, candy making known to all the population the important day for the Costa Ricans that they were celebrating, surprising and impacting the pedestrians and drivers who passed by the zone, and thanks to this, lots of them stopped to donate the sap of life.

On this context, on June 10, 11 and 12 of the present year, the GEAP in Costa Rica and the Blood Bank, celebrated as a prelude of World Blood Donor Day, in which an awareness campaign was carried out on the surroundings of the National Blood Bank; same place where it was destined for the donation marathon of the vital liquid.

Similarly, on the activities it was present the representative of the WHO, Dr. Lilian Reneau Vernon, who in her speech gave numbers and statistics which says that Costa Rica reaches 68,000 altruist blood donors per year, with a necessity of 87,000 donors per year; this indicates that 7 of every 10 donors are voluntary, for which to carry a culture of peace through encouraging the people to donate blood voluntarily, doesn’t stop being an inescapable work in this country and all over the world. She also indicated that the 100% of the donations were submitted to HIV, syphilis, hepatitis test and that the youth should be stimulated to join to the health campaign, where the attention should be of quality.

In view of the actual need of stocking the Blood Banks that lack of this vital liquid, the GEAP has the mission of making aware the population and to increase the numbers of voluntary and regular donors, to reach this goal – as the WHO indicates- of achieving that the voluntary donors do it twice a year, and to involve and motivate the young population to do it and to reach the goal of having 100% of the voluntary blood donations.

That is why, the 5th International Blood Drive Marathon “Life is in the Blood” developed by the GEAP, is evidence of the neutral compromise acquired in different countries and in Costa Rica, to take care of establishing a culture of love for the human family and at the same time to demonstrate an example of human development.



access_time Wednesday, July 1, 2015