Cooperation agreement between UMECIT and the GEAP

Cooperation agreement between UMECIT and the GEAP

Panama | 28.07.2015
Cooperation agreement between UMECIT and the GEAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Within the work and continuous effort that Dr. William Soto Santiago has been carrying out in his altruistic purpose of implementing in the minds and hearts of the young people of the world a seed of love, respect and tolerance for human rights, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) presented the International Alliance of Universities for Peace to the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology (UMECIT) of Panama, who, identified themselves with the objectives and actions of the academic initiative, and welcomed the efforts of the contribution to the peace of the integral human being and of the nations.

In order to reaffirm the institutional commitment with the ALIUP, on July 28, 2015 the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology signed the cooperation agreement in order to join efforts to contribute with a quality education that promotes and disseminates the defense and protection of human rights.

The event was attended by distinguished personalities from the academic, diplomatic and governmental fields, as well as by the presence of professors, students and Activists for Peace of the Republic of Panama.

The general director of the GEAP, Gabriela Lara, expressed her gratitude for the vision that the Institution has in its interest to train professionals capable of transforming mentalities for the benefit of society.

El convenio de cooperación fue suscrito por el señor embajador mundial de los Activistas por la Paz, doctor William Soto,

The cooperation agreement was signed by the global ambassador of the Activists for Peace, Dr. William Soto, and the rector of the UMECIT, Dr. José Alberto Nieto Rojas, who stated - among others - that "good examples are worthy to imitate and follow". For this reason, he feels proud and confident that with the signing of the inter-institutional document a work path is initiated to also host other projects led by the GEAP for the benefit of training students of higher education institutions.

The act was witnessed by Maritza Arroyo, Vice Minister of Government of the Republic of Panama, who in her speech noted that:

“The principles pursued by this Embassy ennoble every human being. We hope that it will be for the benefit of all the students of this university, that it will turn them into humanists, into human rights experts, into promoters of human rights; and this seed that is sown today in this university, is spread throughout this country, and many other universities participate in this movement”.

The UMECIT thus becomes the first Panamanian university that is part of the International Alliance of Universities for Peace, committed to stimulating the construction of a culture of peace. For this, Dr. Soto, as ambassador and executive president of the GEAP, made available to the educational community “all the projects of the institution, which have been created with the aim of contributing to the peace and happiness of the human family”.

Finally, the imposition of ALIUP pins was carried out and a more co-responsibility commitment of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace with Higher Education in the world was closed.