On Children's Day Argentines donated lifeGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

On Children's Day Argentines donated life


In the city of Mendoza, Olavarría, Buenos Aires and Resistencia, volunteers from the World Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) celebrated Children's Day with the promotion and holding of blood donation days within the framework of the 10th International Marathon "Life is in the Blood".

Resultados de jornada.
More than 25 effective units were counted.
Children's Day in Argentina is celebrated the second week of August of each year, with the purpose of highlighting the rights of all children and adolescents; the GEAP joined the celebration through the Integral Program "Life is in the Blood" as a contribution to the Argentine society.

The objective of this program is to encourage a culture of voluntary, altruistic and regular donation of blood to maintain blood banks, and anyone who is capable of transmitting a transfusion can be treated immediately.

From August 7 to 31, the activists provided information to citizens through brochures and awareness-raising talks. Subsequently the seminars were installed in different places, together with health centers and with the support of the media; in these events dozens of Argentines donated life.

They donate the sap of life

In Mendoza, the blood collection was carried out in the Regional Hemotherapy Center, where 11 people donated the sap of life.

In the city of Olavarría, the activists were invited to primary school No. 1 Juan Bautista Alberdi, to coordinate with the hemotherapy service of the Dr. Hector Cura Municipal Hospital the blood drive.

The activity was carried out in the school parking lot, where 27 people volunteered to donate blood. Also, 40 citizens were registered to participate in next days.

Entrevista Radial
Interview at the facilities of Radio Metropolitana FM 99.7
Sensitization and altruistic action

On the esplanade of the Obispo Mercadillo building in Córdoba, the GEAP together with the technical team of the Hemocentro, directed by Dr. Walter Moyano, designed for the day that consists of 30 effective units and more than 150 sensitized people.

In Buenos Aires, the activists promoted the blood donation days together with the Hospital Posadas and the Bolivian Community; in this opportunity more than 200 people received information about the benefits of the voluntary act.


The day was held on August 28 at the facilities of Radio Metropolitana FM 99.7. In the same way, the awareness-raising work was carried out and 14 people donated blood.

A benefit for the children of Resistencia

To culminate with the celebration of the month of the child, on August 31, the volunteers of the Board of GEAP with the blood bank of the city, organize a day to benefit the Pediatric Hospital Avelino Caution, where 25 effective blood units were achieved.

During the blood drive there was an awareness and education activity on voluntary blood donation, in which more than 150 people participated. Jorge Merlo, director of the hospital, thanked the altruistic work and stressed the importance of work to raise awareness in society about this action.


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