The Autonomous University of Querétaro opens its doors to "Educating to Remember"Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Autonomous University of Querétaro opens its doors to "Educating to Remember"


73 students participated in the Forum on Human Rights

In coordination with the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ), the University Forum "The Holocaust and Human Rights" was held, as part of the "Educating to Remember" Program of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) on May 25, in the Auditorium Fernando Díaz Ramírez, with the presence of 73 people among students and teachers of the Institution.

In the main table was the presence of Enrique Rivera Rodríguez, Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Law, representing Dr. Gilberto Herrera Ruíz, rector of the UAQ; Rogelio Angel Flores Pantoja, director of the Institute for Constitutional Studies of the State, sent by the constitutional governor of the State of Querétaro, Mr. Francisco Domínguez Servién; Dr. Bernardo Romero Vázquez, coordinator of the UAQ University Human Rights Program; and Engineer Natalia Guzmán Trejo, by the GEAP.

The welcome words were given by Enrique Rivera Rodríguez who thanked the presence of the speakers and the participation of the university institution in the "Educating to Remember" Program.

This program of GEAP seeks to avoid the repetition of events such as the Holocaust by remembering what happened, to extract universal teachings of principles and values ​​that result in greater tolerance and respect for the differences of others, taking into account that the Holocaust was an important starting point for what is now known as Human Rights.

On her part, Natalia Guzmán Trejo, explained that:

"In order to prevent the repetition of events such as the Holocaust and other genocides, and in order to promote education with human-centered values, where young people become aware of the importance of building roads for the peace of the human family, also the consequences of wars".

Dr. Bernardo Romero Vázquez, mentioned in his speech some of the genocides that have struck humanity, explaining the rights that the perpetrators violated in their victims, placing as their main cause, discrimination:

"There is a problem of identity, rejection of people, a city, country or person... this is represented in acts of discrimination, which basically restricts the rights of people to belong to a group, practice any belief, to project some form of thinking, for a preference etc. It happens then that people, by this situation, by this condition in which they are, have restricted the enjoyment of their fundamental rights.”

Rogelio Angel Flores Pantoja, emphasized equality, explaining that you cannot treat everyone equally, but that there must be differential treatment, simply because people are not the same. He further explained that in his opinion:

"This type of act (Forums) aims to repair, but not necessarily direct victims who received these damages from different atrocious acts, but there are different types of victims. We could be potential victims if we were discriminated against. So, what needs to be done? Whatever is needed so you never forget, that that happened..."

The Forum culminated in the delivery of awards to the participants in the event, granted by GEAP.


access_time Wednesday, May 25, 2016