Argentine citizens receive educational projects from GEAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Argentine citizens receive educational projects from GEAP


In the white room of the Municipal Palace of the city of Tres Arroyos, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) presented the projects "Educating to Remember" and "Traces to remember”, through the exhibition “Genocides of the twentieth century”.

More than a hundred people attended the event; among them, members of the Honorable City Council, as well as artists, lawyers, young political party activists, students, Activists for Peace and the general public.

Likewise, students from primary school No. 8 "Dominican Republic" visited the exhibition together with their teachers, who stated that the topic presented is important to take into account for studies on racism and discrimination

Testimony of survivors

Emilia Kazanietz of Fichman, daughter of survivors, made an appearance at the event, where she said Anne Frank's house in Holland is a museum and in Buenos Aires an interactive educational center, which she visited at one time and caused an indescribable sensation in her soul.

Sara Fichman, Mauricio Fichman and Sara Bereslavsky related how their parents gave them information about the deportations and annihilations that took place, to their relatives in Poland.


Interest in the topic

Those present expressed their gratitude for the initiative of the Global Ambassador of Peace, William Soto Santiago, who keeps alive this terrible event and allows people to know it so that it will never be repeated.

During the show, attendees shared with their family and friends, and students asked questions about the Holocaust and the life of Anne Frank. Councilor Eduardo Giordano, with his wife, also supported the activity, and the municipal delegate of the city of Micaela Cascallares, Oscar González.

The exhibition was moved on June 16, to the Honorable Council of Deliberation, where it remained at the request of the secretary, Vanessa Borda. The event was supported by the Charlas de Café TV program broadcast by Cablevision.


access_time Thursday, June 16, 2016