Anonymous heroes: Metrobus users donate the sap of lifeGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Anonymous heroes: Metrobus users donate the sap of life


Volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Colombia, under the comprehensive program "Life is in the Blood", on March 17 and 18 carried out a blood donation campaign in the mass transit portals of the Metrobus, where 450 people joined this altruistic act.

The activity was carried out with the aim of contributing to the availability of blood and its derivatives through the voluntary, altruistic and regular donation of safe blood, as well as promoting the principle of love and the positive values of the human being.

In these national days that took place in the Metrobus, blood units increased by 53% compared to the results obtained in 2015. This figure shows the participation, commitment and citizen solidarity.

Everyone to donate blood

"Never in my life had I seen so many people with such willingness to donate in the Soledad portal", said the promoter and bacteriologist of the Metropolitan Bank, Mónica López.

For his part, José Luis Cervantes, who has been a regular donor for two years, said:

"I feel proud and satisfied with what I am doing because I am saving three lives".

Like Cervantes, many Colombians took this step and became those anonymous heroes who save the lives of others without receiving anything in return, only the satisfaction of helping those who need a transfusion.

Awareness activities​​​​​​​

This company of integral transport, that since the 4th Blood Donation Marathon joined the GEAP to carry out campaigns in the portals of Joe and Soledad, implemented a new way of sensitizing the passengers with the slogan of the program "Life is in the Blood": "Donate Blood, Donate Life", which was exhibited in all transport articles.

Users of this service receive information on the importance and benefits of being a voluntary and habitual donor, as in the case of Cristian Acevedo, who became a hero by donating the sap of life:

"I feel happy and I am happy to be able to help many people".

The blood donation campaigns will continue throughout the year in the Transmetro portals, with the firm intention of carrying out awareness, collection and blood collection activities, to give the citizens the opportunity to give a contribution to society.


access_time Friday, March 18, 2016