278 Argentinians say YES! to voluntary blood donation. Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

278 Argentinians say YES! to voluntary blood donation.


Activists of the GEAP develop different blood donation marathons as part of the 7th International Blood Donation Marathon

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), the Hemotherapy Centers and voluntary Argentineans developed, during the month of May, nine blood drive marathons in different provinces, where 278 units of blood were collected as part of the 7th International Blood Donation Marathon, which seeks to create conscience in society about the necessity of a change in the system of blood donation.

Part of that change occurs from donors, who should develop awareness for the formation of a voluntary, regular and spontaneous blood donation culture, to guarantee the continuous supply to the banks.

To reach this objective the GEAP develops two blood drive marathons per year, simultaneously held in 20 countries, where through their volunteers and along with other institutions, they massively promote the biggest expression of love towards others: blood donation.

Mendocineans participate in the 7Th International Blood Drive Marathon

Four drives were organized in different cities, along with the Regional Hemotherapy Center (CRH) of the province of Mendoza, activities where safe blood donation was promoted, teaching good habits to guarantee the quality of the blood that was destined to suffice the necessities of the main hospitals of the region of Cuyo.

78 units of blood were collected during the marathons carried on May 2, at the headquarters of the Regional Hemotherapy Center; on the third at the Universidad de Mendoza. On the sixth at the Cultural Center of Chacras of Coria, of the department of Luján of Cuyo and on May 20th, at the forecourt of the Deliberative Council of the city of Mendoza.

On the last day, Mrs. Beatriz Martínez, president of the Honorable Deliberative Council of Mendoza, and the representatives of the Rotary Club was present.

Cordoba responds to the calling to donate the Sap of Life

The Municipal Hemocenter of the city of Cordoba and activists of the GEAP gathered at the Casona del Obispo Mercadillo, a popular tourist center of the city where they invited the people to participate in the drive that was carried out throughout May, on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19.

On May 23, the call was in the Prince of Asturias Municipal Hospital, located in Villa El Libertador, under the direction of Dr. Walter Moyano of the Hemocenter; Dr. Jorge Gustavo Said Nisi, director; and Dr. Liliana Morales, assistant director of the Hospital.

95 effective blood united were collected during the three marathons and the participation of the members of the Municipal Government, such as Dr. Ramón Javier Mestre, major; Dr. Marcelo Cossar, Secretary of Modernization, Communication and Strategic Development, was also possible. Dr. Pablo Igarzabal, Sub secretary of Atención Hospitalaria de Salud; and Dr. Gabriel Esteban Acevedo, Health Secretary, also participated; showing that the calling of the GEAP on blood donation is becoming a matter of national interest.

(See Invitation to the marathons on the web page of the city of Córdoba) http://www2.cordoba.gov.ar/portal/index.php/la-municipalidad-cordoba-lanza-una-nueva-campana-donacion-sangre/

Jujuy participates by giving love and hope

In San Salvador of Jujuy, 86 solitary citizens donated their blood in the drive that the GEAP carried out in alliance with the Hospital Pablo Soria in the Popular Library.

The acceptance that this marathon had was demonstrated in the 12 hours it lasted, giving citizens the possibility of joining a voluntary, regular and altruist blood donation culture, in the city.

Buenos Aires joins this humanitarian work

Blood donation continues to rise in Argentina, becoming a bond that unites people no matter the race, age or socioeconomic status. By the end of the month in San Fernando, the GEAP, the Hospital Posadas, and the Escuela de Enfermería de la Cruz Roja had the opportunity of attending 19 donors who voluntarily contributed their vital liquid. Ms. Zulema Noemí García, President, and Mr. Andrés Farfán, General Coordinator, both of the House of Studies, were present.

The media promotes love for life

The creation of a voluntary and regular culture of blood donation that the GEAP has been promoting has created an echo in diverse educational, governmental, academic and business institutions and in the media. And Argentina it is not the exception, below you will see press releases from the country’s media:






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