115 Mexicans attend a photo exhibition about the HolocaustGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

115 Mexicans attend a photo exhibition about the Holocaust

At the Philadelphia University of Mexico (UFM), city campus Alemán, Veracruz, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), installed the photographic exhibition "The Holocaust Paradigm of Genocide", with the aim of strengthening, through a integral education, reflection and the practice of actions of respect for universal rights and human dignity.pa
The event held as part of the Educating to Remember Program was attended by 115 people, including academic authorities, students, members of the Youth Movement of the GEAP and activists for peace. 
The opening of the event was in charge of Sebastián Flores, director of the UFM, who welcomed the participants to the activity carried out on the study of the Holocaust and other genocides perpetrated on humanity.
exposición fotográfica
Participants of the forum in photographic exhibition

Ricardo Santos Camacho, representative of the GEAP in his speech said that it is an obligation to remember the past and raise awareness among present generations about everything that happened in World War II so that it does not happen again.


"The Power of an Integral Education in Schools" was the theme presented by José Pérez Santos, delegate of the Youth Movement of the GEAP. Finally, Violeta Miranda Amador, rector of the UFM, inaugurated the photographic exhibition that showed what happened in the Holocaust and left universal teachings to society.


access_time Saturday, February 24, 2018