1110 Blood units in Cartagena de IndiasGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

1110 Blood units in Cartagena de Indias


A record of one hundred and ten (1110) blood units were gathered in Cartagena de Indias during the 3rd International Blood Donation Marathon, carried out during April in different places of the city and neighboring municipalities.

To make the work more effective they divided into three work groups in charge of the three blood drives carried out in the same day. The tourists and locals had the opportunity to participate in this noble act until hours of the night.

The places where the campaign was carried out had great acceptance and support of the media, who promoted this initiative of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace among students, workers and general public.

Some of the places where the blood drives were carried out, were:

1.   Red Cross of Cartagena

2.   SENA Industrial

3.   Sol Naciente Church

4.   Missionary Center “Solo Creed”

5.   Caribe Plaza Mall

6.   Center of the city of Cartagena (La Matuna)

7.   Technological University Comfenalco (barrio España)

8.  Technological Comfenalco (Cedesarrollo) day and night

9.   Technological University Comfenalco (Zaragocilla)

10.Technological University of Bolívar

11.Municipality of Arjona – Bolívar

12.Municipality of Carmen de Bolívar

13. University San Buenaventura

14. Barrio Fredonia de Cartagena


From April 1 st – 31 st , not only were a thousand blood units were collected, but the increase of a habitual and voluntary blood donation culture was obtained with great success during each day of the drive.

Among the Blood Banks that participated in the capital of Bolivar, are the Red Cross, Hemocaribe, Bocagrande Hospital and Naval Hospital, who are very grateful about the results obtained, because they can increase the number of blood units in each bank and thus supply to the necessities.