The City Council of Panama receives the Project Traces to Remember


The project Traces to Remember made an impact at the City Council of Panama, unveiling on December 17, 2013, the plaque of Holocaust survivor Jaime Segal, who was born in 1935 in Novoselitsa, a province of Bessarabia in the Kingdom of Romania. In October of 1948, he arrived to Venezuela, where he lived for about sixty years. On February 28, 2011, he travelled to Panama with his wife, where he currently resides as a respected citizen.

While living in Panama he has worked to convey to all people the past he lived, his memories, and the heritage he lost in the Holocaust. It is his desire to be a source of inspiration and learning for youth.



Demetrio H. Brid Town Hall



The next item, Mr. Secretary: Unveiling of the plaque Traces to Remember, on behalf of the President of the Council, Carlos Perez and Vice President Ivan Vasquez, we want to invite Mr. William Soto Santiago and Dr. Jaime Segal.


Doctor William Soto, the project creator, and members of the City Council attended the presentation of the plaque.


—Jaime Segal, Holocaust Survivor —

“It is my desire that, in addition to the brief message on the plaque that will be unveiled in a few moments, it be dedicated to the youth of Panama and to primary school, high school, and university professors. I hope the experience of the Holocaust, which must be conveyed to new generations, truly works to bring the world to real and just peace in around the world, and to end wars.”

During this event, Honorable Carlos Perez Herrera, President of the City Council, declared Dr. William Soto “Guest of Honor” of Panama City, for his trajectory of 50 years as a humanist, pacifist and researcher. 



[At this time, Mr. Ivan Vasquez, Vice President of the Municipal Council of Panama, bestows upon Mr. William Soto Santiago the pin with the coat of arms of the City Council of Panama.]

—Dr. William Soto, Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace—

“We are conscious that peace is a right and an essential condition for the life of the human being.  In addition, we recognize that peace is the fruit of justice and one must work for it.  That is why at the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace we work in different fields, but we especially focus our efforts on education and defense of human rights in the field of education, because we know that education is the most powerful weapon to transform mentalities.  Peace is not a utopia, peace is more than a desire: it is a necessity.”  

The plaque will be exhibited for one month at the City Council.

[Unveiling of the plaque]