Opening of University Forums "Educating to Remember" in Colombia
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Opening of University Forums "Educating to Remember" in Colombia

Departmental Assembly of Antioquia

“And how does one right this wrong? By preventing the seed of hate and discrimination from spreading and germinating, and that is the responsibility of all of us as individuals, but especially of government authorities, political, social, religious, and public opinion leaders, universities, and professors, who all have the ability to create and support educational projects that help achieve this goal.”   

Dr. William Soto

The GLOBAL EMBASSY OF ACTIVISTS FOR PEACE, a nonprofit organization founded on respect for socio-cultural diversity and the defense of human rights, INVITES primary and secondary schools, as well as universities and the rest of the community to the opening of the University Forums: “Educating to Remember”, an initiative of the international pacifist Dr. William Soto. The forums will be held on Thursday, February 27, 2014 in the auditorium of the Department Assembly of Antioquia (Street 42 #52-106) from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. The main topic will be “The Holocaust: Paradigm of Genocide.”

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Ramón Arturo Maya Gualdrón, Historian at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, who holds a Masters in Political Science from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Additional speakers include Brigadier General Jose Angel Mendoza Guzman, Commander of the Metropolitan Police; Rabbi Gershon Zwitman of the Centro Cultural Judaico of Medellin; Fr. Diego Alonso Marulanda, Vice-Rector of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana; and honorable members of the Department Assembly, among others.

The Traces to Remember commemorative plaque containing the handprints of Holocaust survivor Sigmund Halstuch and his family will be displayed here for one month along with a photographic exhibition, with the objective of keeping alive the testimony of the survivors of this international crime and raising awareness about the universal lessons that this dark stage left to humanity.


Contact Information:

Yuly Arango: (318) 490-2566

Juan Pablo Tellez: (300) 274-9762

Admission is free