The Technological University of Panama receives the project “Educating to Remember”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Technological University of Panama receives the project “Educating to Remember”


The GEAP had a photographic exhibition and moved the plaque

The Technological University of Panama receives the project “Educating to Remember”

This past February 27, the Technological University of Panama (UTP) opened its doors to the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in its national itinerary with the project “Educating to Remember”; with the installation of the photographic exhibition “The Holocaust: Paradigm of Genocide” and the movement of the survivor Jaime Segal’s plaque to the Regional Center of this educational institution at the Chiriqui Province.

Alex Matus, representing the Director of the Regional Center of the UTP and the students of different studies, was present during this event. Juan del Cid, coordinator of the Science and Technology Faculty of the UTP, showed great interest in creating awareness amongst the students on how to generate Human Rights in this modern age and the importance of incorporating these topics in the academic curriculums of the university. He also expressed to the students that it is fundamental to learn about these historic events, such as the Holocaust, in every field of study.

The activists for peace of Panama offered a tour where they explained the events that occurred since the establishment of the Nazi regimen, until the atrocious crimes at the concentration camps that killed more than 20 million people, amongst them were 6 million Jews; allowing those who attended the exhibition to learn about one of the most transcendental genocides of the XXI century.

 The project Traces to Remember was also made known, through the plaque of Holocaust survivor Jaime Segal, which contains his palm prints and those of his descendants, with a brief summary of his history. This project, initiative of the Global Ambassador and Activist for Peace Dr. William Soto Santiago, is exposed in this and other educational centers, as evidence that Nazism could not extinguish the Hebrew people and at the same time it constitutes a way of educating to prevent the repetition of the most horrific chapter in mankind’s history.

The photographic exhibition and the plaque will be displayed at this center of higher education until mid-march, open to students, professors, administrative personnel and visitors. 



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