Saltillo educational institutions sign agreement with the GEAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Saltillo educational institutions sign agreement with the GEAP


In the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, the 1st National Judicial Forum “Human Dignity, Presumption of Innocence and Human Rights” was carried out under the “Justice for Peace” Program run by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP).

Ponentes y catedráticosThe Jurisprudence Auditorium of the Autonomous University of Coahuila (UA de C) opened its doors to receive students from different educational institutions, professors, police officers, judges, lawyers and magistrates.

The coordinator of the Saltillo Unit of the UA de C, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez; the Judge in Criminal Matter of the Accusatory and Oral System of the Judicial District, Rebeca del Carmen Monsiváis; and the person in charge of the Liaison Area of the Paulo Freire University Institute, Mónica Arriaga Ovalle, formed the table of honor.

Also, the professor in Criminology, Juan Francisco Robledo and the student of the University of the Northeast (UANE), Deyanira Guadalupe Torres.  

Human Rights guarantee

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, coordinator of the Saltillo Unit of the Autonomous University, was in charge of opening of the event; who gave way to the speakers and representatives of the GEAP to begin the forum.

 “This forum is leading the way to work for peace,” Rodríguez said.

Judge Rebeca Monsiváis addressed the issue: “The importance of humanizing the administration of Justice and the actions of officials, whether judges, prosecutors, public prosecutors, members of the judicial police, members of the National Army or guardians of establishments penitentiaries.”

Monsiváis said that an authoritarian system is based on the idea that the judge is a tool of oppression, but in a democratic regime it is appreciated when a natural custodian guarantees human rights.

Juan Francisco Robledo, Professor of Criminology at the Law School of the UA de C, participated with the topic: “Concept of presumption of Innocence, seen from the aspect of Criminology - Victimology.”

Professor Robledo said: “In Mexico, the importance of the presumption of innocence as a fundamental right of all people is recognized, as well as the imperative need to prove it, guaranteeing the observance and compliance of all authorities within and outside the judicial process.”

Human dignity is a right

Lawyer Mónica Arriaga Ovalle spoke on the subject “Concept of Human Dignity and its practical application in the criminal process.” 

“Human dignity is the right of every human being to be respected and valued as an individual being and as a social being (...) Human dignity must be seen from various aspects.”

Deyanira Torres, a law student from the UANE, addressed the topic: “The Culture of Peace as a security strategy in the Restoration of the textile of the Society.” During her dissertation she stated that mediation is one of the mechanisms for resolving disputes and this is expressed in Article 17 of the Constitution.

The event concluded with the presentation of acknowledgments from the GEAP to the speakers.

Convenio firmado Collaboration agreement

In order to contribute to the construction of a culture of peace, four institutions signed a collaboration agreement with the GEAP:

1. Paulo Freire University Institute.

2. Autonomous University of the Northeast.

3. School of Criminology of the Autonomous University of Cohauila.

4. Student leader of the Faculty of Rights of the Autonomous University of the Northeast (UANE).