The Project “Traces to Remember” exhibited plaques in Central FallsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Project “Traces to Remember” exhibited plaques in Central Falls

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The Project “Traces to Remember” exhibited plaques in Central Falls

In the city of Central Falls, Rhode Island, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) presented the Program “Educating to Remember” and its project “Traces to Remember,” which aims to keep the testimony of the survivors of the Holocaust alive, as a way to prevent the repetition of similar events. One hundred and twenty five people attended the event held on June 28.

The event counted with the presence of James A. Diossa, mayor of the city of Central Falls; Shelby Maldonado, State Representative of District 56; Rachel Goldberg, executive assistant to the Consulate of Israel for New England; Sara Anderson, director of Humanities of the Blackstone Valley Preschool; James J. Mendonca, Chief of the Police of Central Falls; as well as representatives from the Jewish and Latin communities, teachers and students.

As a certainty that Nazism could not extinguish the Hebrew people, at the ceremony carried out in Central Falls, two plaques were unveiled at the Forum “Educating to Remember” held at the Organization of American States (OAS), which have the handprints of the survivors Saul Dreier and Reuwen Sosnowicz, like those of their descendants; these commemorative plaques, an information sheet accompanies them which reviews what happened in the Holocaust.

In addition to remembering this tragedy that marked the history of humanity, the remembrance of these shocking testimonies look to bring a message of hope to raise awareness to the world population that although currently the conditions are given for such events like the Holocaust to happen again, we must make every effort to avoid it, by not being indifferent or passive under these circumstances, but rather educating on values and principles, guaranteeing the respect and tolerance for each other’s differences.