New Program: "Justice: The Foundation of Integral Peace and Happiness"Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

New Program: "Justice: The Foundation of Integral Peace and Happiness"



The new program "Justice, The Foundation of Integral Peace and Happiness" was presented by Dr. William Soto Santiago, executive president of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, who explained that the objective of this program is to strengthen justice and promote respect for human rights in all spheres of society.

"Through the presentation and implementation of projects and initiatives, aimed at achieving and maintaining peace in a globalized world, contributing to the growth, well-being and happiness of the integral human being". - Dr. William Soto

The International Program is composed of three lines of action:

 1. Strengthening Universal Justice

2. Rights and Duties for the strengthening of Justice and the consolidation of Peace

3. Justice for Peace and Happiness

 For her part, Gabriela Lara, international director of GEAP, said:

 "The basis of universal justice is the human being, that is why we must train them in values, with justice in their heart, so that they are more just people when applying this justice with their family, society, their community and, therefore, they will become people who practice justice from their heart."

The opening of the Program took place in Bogotá, Colombia in an event that was attended by the national coordinator and 130 GEAP activists among national, regional and local promoters from Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil.



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