Methodological workshops on composition and musical tuning for the benefit of the human family.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Methodological workshops on composition and musical tuning for the benefit of the human family.



Aware of the importance of music in the processes of individual and social transformation and its influence on human behavior, health, emotions and other living beings, the GEAP, through the workshops held in the 1st National Youth Encounter in Brazil, under the theme of the project "The power of music for the peace and happiness of the integral human being", summoned youths to participate in two parallel tables that socialized the basic principles of composition and the frequency 432 Hz, frequency of peace.

Principles of musical composition for the benefit of peace and happiness of the integral human being

The objective of this workshop was to raise the awareness in musicians, composers, activists through a composition workshop for them to understood the scope of the power of music, its characteristics and qualities, for the creation of musical pieces that benefit the human being in its three components : heart or soul, mind or spirit and physical body.

To achieve this goal, some didactic exercises were developed among the young assistants and the OSEMAP, in which some genres and musical styles that negatively affect the behavior of human beings were exposed.

In this way, the exhibitions showed that with new tools of musical composition the human being and Mother Earth can be benefited. These tools include the musical tuning in the frequency of 432 Hz, frequency of peace, indigenous ancestral music, because through ancestral instruments and their harmonic sounds it is easy to connect with our roots, recovering a wisdom that inhabits each human being. These ancestral sounds balance and heal the heart, unlock the mind, giving way to a higher consciousness in which the heart becomes the purest expression of the supreme value: love.

Among other exposed parameters was silence and its qualities, pulse, timbre, intensity of sound, lyrics and their positive writing, since all these elements together constitute the foundation to achieve the benefits produced by the power of music.

Tuning at 432 Hz, frequency of peace

The second parallel table dealt with one of the work areas of the project "The power of music for peace and happiness of the integral human being", which consists of promoting and socializing the musical tuning of 432 Hz, frequency of peace, as natural tuning that places the human being in harmony with nature.

For this, a study of the antecedents of musical tuning was carried out, that reached the current universal tuning of the frequency LA in 440Hz. The exhibition of the workshop showed that discoveries and research has established that instruments around the world, dating from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and bowls of Tibetan monks, were adjusted and tuned by ear at 432 Hz.

Through the exercises analyzed, the young people learned about the research that shows that the tuning in 440 Hz negatively affects the human being and places it outside the frequency of Mother Earth and the other beings that inhabit her, since even animals and humans are naturally tuned to the frequency 432 Hz.

In this sense, returning to the musical tuning of 432 Hz has profound positive effects on human consciousness, it helps modify the functioning of living beings, brings healing and improvement to the human body, among others. That is why the GEAP World Youth Movement continues to activate youths in all fields, to achieve the goal of individual and social transformation, which the human family longs for.


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