In an honor session, the department of Itapua declares new illustrious citizensGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

In an honor session, the department of Itapua declares new illustrious citizens


The Ambassador of the Activists for Peace and the plenipotentiary ambassador of the State of Israel are declared illustrious citizens of the department of Itapúa in Paraguay.

In an honorable session, the Departmental Council of the department of Itapua, in the city of Encarnacion, Paraguay, paid tribute to two peacemakers: Dr. William Soto Santiago, Executive President and Global Ambassador of the Activists for Peace, for his important work on the development of projects, campaigns and initiatives for the construction of a culture of peace, and the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Israel in Paraguay, Peleg Pablo Levi, for his significant contribution in scientific, technical and economic cooperation towards the Republic of Paraguay.

The tribute was held last April 29th, because of the proposal made by the state governor, Dr. Luis Roberto Gneiting Dichtiar and the legal quorum established by the councilors of the department. In this way, in the presence of deputies, councilors, representatives of the public force; the president of the Third Judicial District of the Republic; the diocesan bishop of the city of Encarnacion; the vice rector of the National University of Itapua, Dr. Yilda Agüero de Talavera; representatives from other universities; the captain of the ship Nicolas Mendieta; secretaries of the departmental government, representatives of accredited consulates in the city, the president of the Electoral Tribunal of Encarnacion, the civil insider of the Embassy of the State of Israel and the media; formal resolutions were given that accredit the recognition as distinguished and honorific citizens of the department.

Through Resolution 251/2016, the department of Itapua declared a homage to Dr. William Soto Santiago as “Illustrious Citizen,” for the strong mission he carries out in favor of peace, well-being and happiness of the human family and Mother Earth, promoting the formation of the integral human being and activists for world peace, within the framework of universal values and principles for the defense of Human Rights.


“I receive with all my heart the affection and love from your behalf, represented in this recognition of illustrious citizen given to me by the department of Itapúa.” Dr. William Soto Santiago

“The tribute is more than just and valid, thank you for the work done; feel at home, new citizens of Itapua.” Gov. Luis Roberto Gneiting

Signing of agreements between the Government of Itapua and the GEAP

At the same ceremony, cooperation agreements were signed between the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace and the Government of the Department of Itapua, in order to carry out specific activities that will be held under the framework of what is indicated therein, and in order to advance projects and programs that benefit the education, culture, justice and peace of the citizens of Encarnacion and ⏤ and consequently ⏤ the entire country.

Thus, the signatory parties: Mr. Governor of Itapua, the Executive President of the GEAP and the coordinator of the GEAP in Paraguay, Mr. William Paras, reaffirm ties of work and effort in favor of peace.

RGutsztein family, survivor of the Holocaust, is paid tribute with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in the Government of Itapua

The Program “Educating to Remember” by the tribute of “Traces to Remember,” commemorated the life and tenacity of the Gutsztein family, with the unveiling of the Plaque and the Star of David containing the palm prints of Mr. Enoch and Mrs. Sima, along with that of their children Mauricio and Ariel; plaque that will remain exposed in the building of the Government of Encarnacion.


“Beyond a tragic history, we want to make it an example of life, that despite all the suffering that a people and a person can have, it is still possible to have faith and hope to make this tragedy a positive thing for life and to convey upon other generations an example of perseverance, effort and struggle.” Gabriela Lara, director general of the GEAP.


access_time Friday, April 29, 2016