Global launch of a new musical system for peace and the development of the integral human beingGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Global launch of a new musical system for peace and the development of the integral human being


The international project “The Power of Music of the Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being” begins its presentation and promotion this September 6th.

The initiative is promoted by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) as a change in the paradigm of the musical system, to contribute with the promotion and strengthening of the peace and integral development of the human family.

The project seeks to raise awareness in individuals and societies on the importance of producing and listening to music with positive messages; music that contributes to the formation in values, ethical, moral and spiritual principles in present and future generations.

Its objective is to promote the power of music as a tool to reach the peace of the human being, sowing in the heart of each person, human, ethical, moral and spiritual values; harmonizing the individual with themselves, with others and with Mother Earth; aiming to reach progress and the happiness of the integral human being.

It involves the following as a strategic work area:

  • The implementation of the frequency for peace: 432 Hertz
  • Musical model for the harmony of the human being
  • Musical educational system for the peace and happiness of the integral human being
  • Music as a universal language                               

The main proposal of this musical system is the change in frequency, from 440 hertz (Hz), which currently dominates, to 432Hz, which is considered the natural frequency, the frequency of peace.

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Official launch –

Around 6.000 people were present during the official launch of the musical project in Venezuela, with representation from Latin America, the Caribbean, United States, Europe and Africa, in an international youth encounter called “Music bringing Peace and Happiness to Our Hearts”.

Musicians, singers, orchestra directors and composers were called upon by the board of directors of the GEAP, led by its executive president, Dr. William Soto Santiago, creator of the project.

“There is good music, and music that has been altered, and just as good music benefits the human being, altered music is harmful to the human being as an individual in their body, mind, spirit and soul; and it is also harmful to planet Earth, because it does not adjust to the frequency of the planet Earth, or to the corresponding relationship of the human being with the planet Earth”, stated Soto.

Mrs. Gabriela Lara, General Director of the GEAP, indicated that this project also seek to demonstrate the influence music has on the integral health of the human being, as a power to heal the soul, spirit and body; at the same time, it promotes this universal art as a tool to transform societies.

During the Youth Encounter the Symphonic Orchestra of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace was presented, made up of more than 40 youths form different countries, directed by Prof. Osmin Rodriguez, a preview of the GEAP musical system, tuned to 432Hz.

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Foundation and Development

Following the launch of the project, the project facilitators increased the youth’s capacity on the history of music, its physiological and socio-cultural impact, and musical pedagogy.

At the same time, the training workshops continued to be developed, following the topics withing the project, specifically aimed at young musicians, as well as courses of musical introduction and instrument execution for beginners.

The GEAP promotes, among composers, writers and musicians, the responsibility of producing music that produces positive results in people, and is in harmony with Mother Earth.