Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

German Embassy in Venezuela receives the "Traces to Remember" Plaque


Fulfilling the itinerary of the "Traces to Remember" commemorative plaques, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Venezuela moved the plaque in tribute to Holocaust survivor, Ms. Nusia Wacher, whom is living in this country, from the headquarters of the Hebraica Club in Caracas, to the German Embassy in Venezuela.

The German Embassy organized a simple event in their headquarters to recognize the educational work of the GEAP, and thank, in a special way, the presence of the Global Ambassador, Dr. William Soto, who traveled to Caracas along with Dr. Camilo Montoya, Project Development Council Director of the Embassy, and Ivan Sarmiento, the coordinator for Colombia.

Mr. Walter Lindner, German Ambassador in Venezuela, received this commemorative plaque in his office and expressed his satisfaction, because if forms part of his objectives as a diplomat; to give his entire support to these types of initiatives, to honor a woman that he appreciates and from whom he has learned many life lessons. Additionally, he expressed his admiration for Dr. William Soto, because assisting to such a simple event in Caracas, shows the importance that the Global Ambassador gives to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust survivors from World War II.  

These words were spoken to the special guests from this event; among them: directives of the "Confederación de Asociaciones Israelitas de Venezuela", family members of Ms. Nusia de Watcher, the National Coordination of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace in Venezuela, a big part of the diplomatic community of the German Embassy, among others.

Dr. William Soto, visionary of this project, expressed his gratitude to the German Ambassador for receiving the commemorative plaque of Ms. Nusia de Watcher in his diplomatic headquarters, pointing out the educational vision of the project, in particular to make known the exemplary lives of many Holocaust survivors who despite having gone through such atrocious sufferings, have managed to move forward and today show the importance of forgiving without forgetting, so that these genocidal acts are not repeated.

This plaque will be exposed in the German Embassy in Caracas, to then be moved to other Embassies, educational centers and public and private entities, with whom we are creating alliances to continue with the educational mission of the project "Traces to Remember" in Venezuela. 


access_time Monday, December 29, 2014