Educational forum invites students to become promoters of human rightsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Educational forum invites students to become promoters of human rights

United States

With the objective of preventing future acts of genocide by remembering the lessons learned from the Holocaust, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Lynn, and the superintendent of public schools, Catherine Latham, organized the Forum “Educating to Remember”.

The event was held at the Memorial auditorium in Lynn to celebrate the International Day in Memory of the Holocaust Victims, whose theme was: “Remembering the Holocaust, educating for a better future”.

The forum counted with the attendance of more than 1,400 students from different educational institutions (public and private), and counted with the help of mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, superintendents, members of the school committee, state representatives, and members of the local and state police of Massachusetts.

Distinguished guests attended the Forum, among them, Caitlin Moore, education director of the United Nations Association in Boston; and Matan Zamir, deputy consul general of the Consulate of Israel in New England.

Also, Elizabeth Von Wagner was present during the event, press and culture director of the Federal Republic of Germany; as well as Saul Dreier, Ruben Sosnowicz, Holocaust survivors and Maya Limanovich, daughter of a survivor.

Educating youths

The inauguration act was given by the state representative in District 11, Brendan Crighton, who, during his participation, expressed:

“I think you know that we are living in a time where we are often divided as a nation, where many are trying to limit people based on their ethnic origin or their religion. I think it is very important for us to continue having these forums; and “Educating to Remember” is giving us this opportunity.”

On her behalf, Caitlin Moore, spoke of Resolution 60/7 approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 1st, 2015, which urges member States to develop educational programs; and also invited the students to consider the following:

1.    Google the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, take one of the articles, practice it and share it with the people they know.
2.    Join the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, because they promote Human Rights through their educational programs.
3.    Share what they have heard here with another person, tell him why it is important.

Catherine Latham, superintendent of public schools mentioned that the Program Educating to Remember is an educational tool that promotes Human Rights.

“The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace is working with the public schools of Lynn in different educational districts, to teach our youths to prevent another Holocaust and for it to never occur again”, Latham said

A latent commitment

With the aim of dignifying the survivors of the Holocaust and promoting the rejection of every denial of this historic event, the press and culture director of the Federal Republic of Germany, Elizabeth Von Wagner, mentioned that Germany has a commitment with new generations at a global level regarding Human Rights.

Von Wagner, during her lecture, said that with the mass extermination of six million Jews in the name of Germany, indescribable suffering was brought upon the Jewish people, Europe and the world.

“Germany has taken full responsibility of committing these historic crimes against humanity, but Germany is committed with a culture of remembering. Germans, more than anyone else, give testimony and must remember the Holocaust”, stated Von Wagner.

The consul of Israel in Boston, Matan Zamir, explained of the importance of testimonies of the Holocaust survivors and said that it is important to learn these stories and use their motivation to fight against community discrimination.

Zamir said:

“If you see someone being intimidated or harassed, do not be afraid to say it. You must be ready to stand up to any type of discrimination that you see.”

In honor of the survivors

Dulce Gonzalez, representative of the GEAP, invited the students to create harmonic spaces in schools and to become promoters of human rights.
At the same time, Saul Drier and Ruben Sosnowicz, survivors of the Holocaust, manifested that the Holocaust must be remembered to avoid that another repetition of an act like this one.
The Forum concluded with the presentation of the commemorative plaques of the Holocaust survivors. At the same time, a photographic exhibition was displayed, where volunteer students gave the tour.

Finally, the superintendent of the school district of Lynn and the regional coordinator of the GEAP, Juan Gonzalez, sign a participation agreement of the Forum “Educating to Remember”.