Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Costa Rican Professionals in Science Receive Holocaust Teachings

Costa Rica

The board of directors of the Professional Association of Economic Sciences of Costa Rica and the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace present in that country joined forces to hold the Forum "Educating to Remember - The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide", on February 12, 2015.

With the objective of privileging the development of the human being and integrating mechanisms through education as a fundamental instrument to establish respect and application of universal principles, the historian Gonzalo Monge and Dr. Camilo Montoya, Projects Council Coordinator of the GEAP, spoke about the historical situation surrounding the Holocaust and analyzed some recent events that show the trace of disrespect and ignorance of human dignity.

"In the history of mankind, hate crimes, as typified by international law, began gradually. That is why we must be very careful when hate campaigns are launched against certain sectors, because we can know how they begin, but we do not know how they end." -Hist. Gonzalo Monge

In this way, he concluded by pointing out that the most important thing is not to forget, to learn from the experiences of history and to teach or transmit so that humanity knows what happened.

In his speech, Dr. Montoya emphasized the right to historical truth, the right of victims to memory, to remember; on the importance of teaching the Holocaust as a tool of prevention for future genocides; the plurality of victims. The systematization and industrialization of death at the time of the Nazi empire make their study interesting to humanity.

"The Holocaust interests the whole world. Among other reasons, because its commission was framed in legality, therefore the need to differentiate between the judgments of legality and judgments of legitimacy,” highlighted Montoya.
The event ended with the video interview of the life story of Mrs. Frida Goldberg de Gutreiman, survivor of the Jewish Holocaust.


access_time Sunday, February 15, 2015