Luis Eduardo Quirós| The political and social scope of the continental integration regional blocks for the peace and integral happiness of human beings.

Good morning once again. As I expressed to you a moment ago, welcome to the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament, a continental integration organism that dates back to 1964 and has had a very interesting history, not only because it has been a place of discussion, but fundamental proposals that have then been taken to the parliaments of each country to be converted into laws for different nations have come up here.

I wanted to express my apologies because, due to personal commitments, I will have to retire from this session, unfortunately, but I will delegate my participation to a very important figure for the Latin American Parliament, Dr. Alfredo Jiménez Barros. Who is Alfredo? Alfredo is the technical secretary of Parlatino. He is a person who carries Parlatino in his blood and in his mind. He has been present during different processes of evolution of this organism and is going to speak to you all in all propriety about what we are doing here, about what we are planning to do, and a little about our history, and how we have arrived at this moment. So I apologize for having to retire and I leave you in very good hands.

Good Morning.




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