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(Español) Dra. Susana Thalia Pedroza de la Llave

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(Español) Lic. Francisco Javier Guerra González

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Dr. José Antonio Murguía Rosete


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Camilo Montoya Real


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Dr. Julio Cesar Pineda

MODERATOR 1st TABLE VENEZUELA – DR. JULIO CESAR PINEDA Lawyer and Doctor of International Relations and Law.  Professional Diplomat for over 30 years, serving as ambassador to Venezuela in Libya,...

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Dr. Fernando Córdoba del Valle

MEXICO – DR. FERNANDO CORDOBA DEL VALLE Twelfth Judge of the Amparo District in Criminal Matters of the Federal District of Mexico. Degree in Law. Doctor in Constitutional Law and...

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Dr. Miguel Angel Aguilar Lopez

MEXICO – DR. MIGUEL ANGEL AGUILAR LOPEZ Circuit Judge, member of the Ninth District Court in Criminal Matters of the First Circuit of Mexico. Lawyer and Doctor in Law, with...

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Dr. Franco Marcelo Fiumara

ARGENTINA – DR. FRANCO MARCELO FIUMARA Juez del Tribunal en lo Criminal del Departamento Judicial La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Abogado. Doctor en Ciencias Políticas y doctorando en...

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Dr. Luis Antonio Ortiz Hernandez

VENEZUELA – DR. LUIS ANTONIO ORTIZ HERNANDEZ Judge and Vice President of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela. Lawyer and Retired Soldier. Doctor in Criminal...

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Dr. Luis Ernesto Vargas Silva

COLOMBIA – DR. LUIS ERNESTO VARGAS SILVA Judge and former President of the Constitutional Court of Colombia. Doctor in Law and Social Sciences. For over 34 years he has provided...

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Dr. Camilo Montoya Reyes

COLOMBIA – DR. CAMILO MONTOYA REYES Prosecutor before the Superior Court of Bogota, Colombia and Project Council Development Director of the GEAP. Lawyer and is currently working as a Prosecutor...

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Dr. William Soto Santiago

PUERTO RICO – DR. WILLIAM SOTO SANTIAGO Global Ambassador and Executive President of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace Pacifist, humanist, theologian and Research Professor. From a young age...

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Dra. Elia Cornejo Lopez

UNITED STATES – DRA. ELIA CORNEJO LOPEZ Judge of the 404 District of Texas – United States Doctor in Jurisprudence, University of Texas graduate. Has a degree in Administration and...

Dr. Hugo Enrique Dolmestch Urra

Dr. Hugo Enrique Dolmestch Urra

CHILE – DR. HUGO ENRIQUE DOLMESTCH URRA Minister of the Supreme Court of Chile. Lawyer and specialist in Human Rights. Professor in Procedural Law for more than 20 years. He...

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Dr. Baltasar Garzon Real

spain – DR. BALTASAR GARZON REAL President of the FIBGAR Foundation. Lawyer at the Sevilla University, Spain. Doctor Honoris Causa in twenty five universities around the world, in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile,...

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Dr. Oscar Armando Pineda Navas

EL SALVADOR – DR. OSCAR ARMANDO PINEDA NAVAS President of the Constitutional Chamber, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Judicial Court of El Salvador. Lawyer and Notary of a...