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"New Proposals for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide"

Foro: Colombia - Ponentes

Mg. Ati Quigua

Ati Quigua

  Current Position  Indigenous leader and former councilmen of Bogotá Overview Public Administrator of the Public Administration High School ESAP, Master of Government and Public Policy of the External University...

Camilo Montoya Reyes

Camilo Montoya Real

Current Position   Student Representative of the Law Faculty – U. Andes Overview Law student in his 7th semester at the Universidad de Los Andes. Philosophy Student in his 5th...

Dr. Camilo Montoya Reyes

Camilo Montoya Reyes

  Current Position Prosecutor before the Superior Court of Bogota Overview Penal and Criminological Sciences Specialist of the Universidad Externado; Graduate in Criminal Appeal by the Institute for the Study...

Constantino Riquelme Ortiz

Constantino Riquelme Ortiz

Current Position Professor at the School and Political Sciences at the  Santa María La Antigua Sede Catholic University Overview 1. Ph.D in Law and Political Science and Public International Law....

Dr. Daniel Rafecas

Daniel Rafecas

Current Position Federal Judge of Argentina Overview Regular Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Rosario. Recognized by virtue of his ongoing contributions to keep alive the memory of...

Dr. Franco Marcelo Fiumara

Franco Marcelo Fiumara

  Current Position President of the Criminal Court No.4 of the Judicial Department in Matanza Overview   Lawyer, Ph.D in Political Science. He was part of the university conference on...

Dra. Jenny Quirós Camacho

Jenny Quirós Camacho

Current Position Alternate Judge Chamber III Supreme Court of Justice Overview Criminal Trial Court Judge of the First Judicial Circuit of San José. PhD Doctoral Program in Latin American Studies...

Jesus Hernando Alvarez Mora

Jesús Hernando Álvarez Mora

Current Position Dean of the Law Faculty – Universidad Libre Overview Lawyer at the Universidad Libre. Specialized in Administrative Law at the Universidad Libre. Doctoral Candidate at the University Alfonso...

Jesus Navejas

José de Jesús Naveja Macías

Current Position President of the Confederation of Colleges and Mexico’s Bar Association. Overview Degree in Law from the University of Guadalajara. He completed Graduate Course in law from Harvard University...

José Leonidas Bustos

José Leonidas Bustos

Current Position President of the Supreme Court of Justice Overview Master of Procedural Law and a specialist in Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory at the Universidad Libre. He served...

Dr. Julio Cesar Pineda

(Español) Julio César Pineda

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Dr. Luis Antonio Ortiz Hernández

Luis Antonio Ortiz Hernández

Current Position Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice Overview Retired military lawyer. Professor. Specializing in Criminal Law and Drugs. Country Venezuela Lecture “Ecocide: The fifth international crime against peace...

Dr. Luis Gabriel Miranda Buelvas

Luis Gabriel Miranda Buelvas

Current Position President of the Supreme Court of Justice Overview Graduated from the Universidad Libre, Masters in Criminal Law, Specialist in Criminal Sciences, and a doctoral candidate in Sociology of...

Dr. Martín Ubaldo Mariscal Rojas

Martín Ubaldo Mariscal Rojas

Current Position Federal Magistrate of the Federal Judicature Overview He has served as Secretary to the Second Collegiate Court of the Twelfth Circuit; Secretary of the Second Collegiate Court in...

Dr. Víctor Manuel Núñez Rodríguez

Víctor Manuel Núñez Rodríguez

Current Position Minister of the Supreme Courte Overview Lawyer, Doctor of Juridical Science rated “Cum Laude” unanimously from the Examining Board. Conventional Delegate, 1992 President of the Supreme Court during...

Dr. William Soto Santiago

William Soto Santiago

  Title Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace Overview Pacifist, humanist, theologian and Research Professor. From a young age he was noted for his ideals of service...