Vielka Jaramillo de Escobar

Doctor in Education Sciences, Master in Research and Technology, Licentiate in Nursing Sciences, specialist in Applied Statistics and Higher Education.

She teaches in undergraduate, specialty, master and doctorate courses at the University of Panama, and postgraduate courses at the Specialized University of the Americas.

She has participated in constituent meetings of the Network on Internationalization and Academic and Scientific Mobility of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), MEXICO.

José María Ibáñez Benítez

Lawyer, Masters in Law of State by Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg, Germany; Master's degree in Government and Public Management; Master's degree in Public Administration and International Relations; Specialist in strategic planning, elaboration and evaluation of projects.
He is a member of several institutions: the Inter-American Federation of Lawyers; The American Society of International Law; The Chilean Association of Political Sciences and the American Society of Public Administration.

Herminio Nevárez

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine graduated from the Autonomous University of the Dominican Republic. He specialized in the industry of network marketing; Author of the "Guide to Success" (educational system for professionals in network marketing), translated into more than 10 languages.

Gustavo A. Yepes López

Author of several books, articles and research on social responsibility and sustainability, transparency and anti-corruption, consumption and responsible supply.

He currently serves as President of the Latin American Chapter of the Principles for Responsible Education in Management (PRME) initiative of the United Nations Global Compact 2015-17.

Gerardo Amarilla

PhD in Law and Social Sciences, Master in Environmental Law, Diploma in International Legal Studies; He worked as a teacher in Constitutional Law and Environmental Legal Framework of the Faculty of Sciences (University Center of Rivera-UDELAR).

Member of the Christian Juridical Institute of Uruguay, he chairs the Directing Council of the Inter-American Federation of Christian Jurists and is a member of Advocates International.

Nelson Díaz Cáceres

Master in Management of Organizations of the Universities Quebec in Canada and the School of Business Administration (EAN) in Colombia; Master in Political Science and Bachelor in Social Sciences.

He has a broad research background on subjets such as: ethics, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management, sustainability, peace and post-conflict and the management of organizations applied to the business sector.

Manuel Ventura Robles

Jurist, Lawyer and Public Notary, Master in International Law, Judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), also carried out studies in Philosophy.

Vice-President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (2013), held positions in private companies, public administration and the Costa Rican Foreign Service at the Costa Rican Embassy in Washington, DC, also at the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the OAS.

Manuel Díaz Capdevilla

Lawyer, general director of the eco-channel of Venezuela Ecovisión; Executive director of Grupo Corporativo Carrillo, in the Green Projects Division; President of the Green Living International Environmental Foundation (Funvive).
He is director of the Green Citizen Foundation; member of Global Green. Founder of the green movements of Venezuela and America.

Sonia Elizabeth Cortéz de Madríz

Degree in Legal Sciences, Attorney and Notary Public, judicial collaborator of the Second and Third Criminal Courts of El Salvador; Public defender assigned to different courts; General coordinator of Defenders of the Republic.

She served as an auditor attached to the Fifth Criminal Court; Served as head of the Judicial Audit Department; Also as coordinator in the Area of ​​Investigation and Control of Judges of Peace, in the Department of Judicial Investigation.

Ana María Ortíz Villalba

President of the Paraguayan Association of Executives and Professionals



Andrés Emmanuel Bautista

He was born on December 25, 1978, in the Municipality of Moca, Province Espaillat. Son of  Andrés Bautista García and Nuris del Carmen Taveras de Bautista.  Graduate in Business Administration from the Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago (UTESA).

In 2010, he obtained the Candidature for Deputy of the Republic, for the Province Espaillat, being the second most voted on, on National Level.

Currently, he is the Secretary General of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) of the Municipality of Moca.