Juan Carlos Borrero

Recognized internationally for his scientific innovations; Lecturer invited by the Scientific Congress of Gothenburg. CEO & Founder AGUA SOLUTEC (2015).

At the moment he holds the world patent of a technology of treatment of salt waters, technology that advanced an agreement with Unicef.

He managed the implementation of a pilot project for the conservation and reforestation of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serranía del Perijá, using native tropical forest mutual technology.

Luis Alberto Lacalle

President of the Republic (1990-1994)

He was born on July 13, 1941 in Montevideo.

His grandfather, Luis Alberto de Herrera (1873-1959) was one of the most important men in Uruguayan politics.

Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of Montevideo. He began his political career at age 17 in the ranks of the National or White Party, which was the main force of the opposition.

José María Ibáñez Benítez

Lawyer, Masters in Law of State by Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg, Germany; Master's degree in Government and Public Management; Master's degree in Public Administration and International Relations; Specialist in strategic planning, elaboration and evaluation of projects.
He is a member of several institutions: the Inter-American Federation of Lawyers; The American Society of International Law; The Chilean Association of Political Sciences and the American Society of Public Administration.

Herminio Nevárez

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine graduated from the Autonomous University of the Dominican Republic. He specialized in the industry of network marketing; Author of the "Guide to Success" (educational system for professionals in network marketing), translated into more than 10 languages.

Gustavo A. Yepes López

Author of several books, articles and research on social responsibility and sustainability, transparency and anti-corruption, consumption and responsible supply.

He currently serves as President of the Latin American Chapter of the Principles for Responsible Education in Management (PRME) initiative of the United Nations Global Compact 2015-17.

Nelson Díaz Cáceres

Master in Management of Organizations of the Universities Quebec in Canada and the School of Business Administration (EAN) in Colombia; Master in Political Science and Bachelor in Social Sciences.

He has a broad research background on subjets such as: ethics, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management, sustainability, peace and post-conflict and the management of organizations applied to the business sector.

Manuel Díaz Capdevilla

Lawyer, general director of the eco-channel of Venezuela Ecovisión; Executive director of Grupo Corporativo Carrillo, in the Green Projects Division; President of the Green Living International Environmental Foundation (Funvive).
He is director of the Green Citizen Foundation; member of Global Green. Founder of the green movements of Venezuela and America.

Felisa Liss

Master's in Creative Education; Specialist in Early Childhood Education, Positive Psychology and Emotional Support.

She has a background of more than 30 years in the Ministry of Education of Israel, and has extensive experience as a lecturer, consultant, educational advisor and in training teachers.

During the last decade, she has been dedicated to "Educating volunteers" and humanitarian aid at a national and international level; For which she has also been invited to different countries in Latin America to give courses and workshops.

Oscar Vallarino B.

Bachelor of Marine Biology from Nicholls State University, Louisiana (USA); Master of Science from the University of Aberdeen, UK; Diploma in Business Administration from the Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE).

In his position as Vice President of Corporate Management of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), he directs and manages the formulation, execution and follow-up of Corporate Strategy, administers business measurement programs, management indicators and corporate performance indexes.

Orencio Vásquez Oteo

Obtained the Diploma of research sufficiency in the doctorate program Growth and Sustainable Development, taught by the University of Distance Education (UNED).

He held the position of Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management, in the subject Financial Systems at Carlos III University of Madrid for 11 years.

Fátima Morales

She is currently the president of the Paraguay Global Pact Network of the United Nations, the Farmacenter S.A Chain and the Paraguayan Chamber of Pharmacutical Chains.

She also holds the position of President of the Federation of Equestrian Sports of Paraguay, as well as the Supervisory Committee of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP). She is a member of the Fédération Equestre Internationale Solidarity.

Ana María Ortíz Villalba

President of the Paraguayan Association of Executives and Professionals