Myriam Alicia Paredes

Senator of the Republic of Colombia

Lawyer, specialist in Commercial Law, Administration and Institutional Management

Lawyer of the University of Nariño, specialist in Commercial Law, Administration and Institutional Management. She has held important positions in the central administrations of the municipality of Pasto and the Department of Nariño, among which stand out:

• Governor of Nariño, barely 26 years old.

• Secretary of Departmental Government of Nariño.

• Director of the National Pension Fund in Nariño.

• Head of Municipal Planning of Pasto.

• Delegate of the Electoral Process of Peru by the Organization of American States.

• Councilor of the municipality of Guachucal and the municipality of Pasto and deputy of the Departmental Assembly of Nariño in three periods

• Since 1998, she has been a Representative to the Chamber for the constituency of Nariño, a member of the First Permanent Constitutional Commission of this corporation.

She joined the Transparency Campaign that created a section on the Senate’s home page in which citizens will be able to consult the senator's name, election party, sworn statement of assets, Conflict of Interest Register, and the names of the members of Legislative Work Unit (UTL)


CUMIPAZ - Chile (2015):

She spoke during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session in the Conversation - Topic: "Political participation of women in the States for the strengthening of Peace and the integral happiness of the human being and nations."