The head of the Deputies of Paraguay invites international authorities to participate in CUMIPAZ – 2016 Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The president of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay, Hugo Velazquez Moreno (ANR-CENTRAL), extended an invitation to international authorities to participate in the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ – Paraguay 2016).

CUMIPAZ is a high level meeting that calls upon world leaders and parliamentary, academic, judicial, political authorities and the civil society with the objective of creating an international space of dialogue and peace integration, a sustainable development and the happiness of the integral human being and of the nations, in harmony with Mother Earth.

The event is organized by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), organization that chose Paraguay as the host of the second edition of the Summit that will be held from October 4th to the 8th, at the Bicameral Hall of the National Congress.

The parliamentarian highlighted the relevance of CUMIPAZ - 2016 for the country, referencing the Declaration of National Interest, issued by the plenary of this honorable Chamber. (See: CUMIPAZ -2016 was declared an event of National Interest by the Government of Paraguay)

“During this Summit, we expect to exchange experiences to strengthen democracy, in favor of building a more just and inclusive society for the peace of our people”, expressed Deputy Velazquez in an interview.

CUMIPAZ – 2016 will work with 4 main subjects, considered a fundamental base for the construction of peace: the diplomatic, political, parliamentary session; the judicial session’ the educational and corporate session. (Download briefing)


The call is opened to representative of supranational and multilateral organizations, States, Governments, ONG’s, educational, business, cultural and religious sector, and the civil society.

(See: Global call for the second annual Peace Integration Summit in Paraguay)



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CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit