“Grand International Encounter of Youth Leaders for Peace”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

“Grand International Encounter of Youth Leaders for Peace”



The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), through their project Youth Movement of the GEAP, along with the Mexican Youth Institution (IMJUVE), will carry out the “Grand International Encounter of Youth Leaders for Peace”, on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, at the Cultural and Sports Center “The Americas”, Av. Insurgentes 33, Ecatapec, 55070 Mexico.

The objective of this Encounter is to create a space that allows youths and international institutions the exchange of proposals that transforms the course of their nation, who are seeking a life project for the formation of values in favor of peace and human rights.

Aware that youths are the future of each nation, they are looking to contribute ideas and tools that not only form professional youths, but also leaders of social change, using integral education as a model for a formation based on principles, universal values and the respect of human dignity.

Seven sessions are developed in the following fields:

  • Sustainability Field

Promote the restoration and protection of Mother Earth through citizen, institutional and governmental actions and the establishment of strategic alliances with other organizations, to restore and protect natural and urban spaces of Mother Earth. Through the Program Children of Mother Earth.

  • Human Rights Field

Promote a culture of peace and respect towards the dignity of the human family for the development of an integral education in schools of different Latin American countries and of the world. Through the PROGRAM EDUCATING TO REMEMBER.

  • Educational Field

Construct a culture of peace through a quality education, aimed at the development of professional skills that promote universal and spiritual principles and values, in respect and the promotion and protection of human rights and sustainable development. Through the Project INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE OF UNIVERSITIES FOR PEACE (ALIUP).

  • Health Field

Strengthen the culture of voluntary, altruistic and habitual safe blood donation in the human family, based on the universal principles and values of the human family, in the international programs of blood supply and in the Integral Educational Model for the Peace and Happiness of the Human Family; in order to increase the active and efficient participation of the population in voluntary blood donation. Through the INTEGRAL PROGRAM: LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD.

  • Judicial Field

Promote and make more effective the protection of human rights parting from the respect of human dignity, the presumption of innocence and the victims rights to truth, justice, reparation, and the guarantee of it not happening again. Through the Project JUSTICE FOR PEACE.

  • Musical Field

Promote the power of music as a tool to achieve the peace of the human being, by sowing ethical, moral and spiritual values in the heart of the people, harmonizing the individual with oneself, with others and with Mother Earth; with the purpose of reaching the formation of healthy, integral and happy human beings. Through the project “THE POWER OF MUSIC FOR THE PEACE AND HAPPINESS OF THE INTEGRAL HUMAN BEING.”

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