Four Mexican universities incorporate with the ALIUP for a culture of peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Four Mexican universities incorporate with the ALIUP for a culture of peace


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) through the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP), held the 15th ALIUP Workshop Seminar: “Contributing with the Chair on Peace in the formative process of the integral human being”.

The Excellence Center of the Autonomous University in Tamaulipas (UAT) in Victory City, was the location that gathered different academic authorities, students and the general public.

Universities and Higher Education Institutions of the region and from the center of the State attended the call; among them:

  • Instituto Tecnológico Regional de Cd. Victoria (ITCV);
  • Universidad Politécnica de Victoria (UPCV);
  • Universidad La Salle Victoria (ULAsalle);
  • The Antonio Repiso College, among other public and private universities.

The event counted with the sub-secretary of Social Well-being, Alvaro Barrientos; the president of the Youth Institution in Tamaulipas, Edmundo Baron; and the local congresswomen of the State Congress of Tamaulipas, Teresa Aguilar Gutierrez.

An education based on universal values

The first regent of the H. Constitutional City Hall of Ciudad Victoria, Marisela Guajardo, and the secretary of Extension and Entailment of the UAT, Bernabe Nakashima Corona, were present during the event.
The representative of the UAT, Bernabe Corona, during his speech, said that the institution joins the ALIUP because they seek to form people of good that protect the planet Earth, individuals founded on universal principles and values.
“Promote through the changing power of education, a culture of respect. We should reflect upon the dominating values and what we want to instill, and upon which we want to identify.”

Spaces of dialogue and reflection

With the objective of generating proposals to establish dialogue tables, where the panelists spoke of the following subjects:

  • The insertion of principles and values in the process of training university students.
  • The need to develop a Chair on Peace as the main subject for the construction of a culture of peace, promotion, and protection of human rights and its inclusion in the university system; highlighting the social responsibility of universities and institutions of Higher Education in the construction of a culture of peace in society.

At the same time, two work tables were installed where they spoke of various topics; from there, proposals that benefit the student community were made:

            Table 1: “Pedagogical approach for the knowledge and practice of universal values, in the formative process.

            Table 2: “The inclusion of a Chair for the Peace in the university system”.

The Government of the state of Tamaulipas, the UAT and the Youth Institute in Tamaulipas established alliances with the GEAP to work towards the construction of a culture of peace in the region.

Incorporation for peace

The Seminar concluded with the signature of four incorporation agreements of the educational institutions into the International Alliance of Universities for Peace. The following agreements were signed by the following universities:
  1. Instituto Tecnológico Regional de ciudad Victoria (ITCV)
  2. La Universidad Politécnica de Victoria (UPCV)
  3. La Universidad La Salle Victoria (ULAsalle)
  4. El Colegio Antonio Repiso
The agreement seeks to construct a Culture of Peace through a quality education aimed at the development of professional skills founded on universal principles and values, respect for dignity and the promotion and protection of human rights.