Forum in Tabasco: “Peace is a challenge that requires commitment.”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Forum in Tabasco: “Peace is a challenge that requires commitment.”


Orlando Zepeda Arias second visitor of the state commission of human rights.

The auditorium of the Police Academy of the State of Tabasco, Mexico, hosted the National Judicial Forum “Human Dignity, Presumption of Innocence and Human Rights,” an event carried out by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) where 143 cadets and 20 active police officers attended the event.

Infantry second lieutenant Carlos Guadalupe de la Mora, made an appearance at the event on behalf of Brigadier General Jorge Andrade, commander of the 30th Military Zone of the State; and Deputy Chief of Police Roberto Juarez Chicoa, representing the MD.

Also, Manuel Rojas Calvo, state coordinator of the Federal Police and Oscar Alberto Trujillo Rodriguez on behalf of the State Commission on Human Rights. In the same way, there were recognized personalities as speakers of the forum.

The Forum was held under the Justice for Peace Program, which aims to strengthen universal justice, democracy and respect for Human Rights through awareness of political, judicial and academic actions.

Educate for Peace

The civic act began with the martial touch of the Warband of the Secretariat of Public Security accompanying the patriotic lábaro. Francisco Guerra, coordinator of the GEAP in Mexico, then presented the Justice for Peace Program and thanked the authorities and speakers for their assistance.

With the topic: “Human Rights: essence, scope, foundation and validity in the world” began the cycle of speeches, by Manuel Argaez, president of the Instituto Tabasqueño of access to Public Information, who said:

“One of the objectives pursued by human rights is peace, and for that we have to Educate for Peace. Educating for Peace is one of the great challenges because it requires commitment and also creativity and intelligence.”

Responsibility of all

Juan Jauregui Ramirez, leader of the World Youth Movement of the South-Southeastern Region, during his dissertation said:

“The responsibility is not only of the authorities, it is of each and every one of us; let us not think that authority alone is obliged to comply with human rights.”

Ramirez added that all citizens are called to play a very important role in the protection of human rights.

For his part, Judge Martin Mariscal, in his speech indicated:

“Change is in us; the sooner we sow the seed in ourselves and in our fellow citizens, this can favor a better scenario for the new generations.”

Subsequently, the acknowledgments were handed out. Emilio Mercado, on behalf of Jorge Aguirre, Secretary of Public Security of the State of Tabasco, was in charge of the closing remarks.



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